Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2000 Nein

In somewhat chronological order:

~Our rad house in Austin which was made ultra rad during SXSW
:Hamilton Pool
~Goofballs w/Scott
:Pool parties @ Naomi and Annas but not Brad Neeley
~Life altering games of COD
:Playing at Mohawk and sounding good enough to keep the bartenders from doing their job
~Seeing that crazy Mexican guy from the Tarantino movies standing on the corner of 6th and Congress looking super thugged out
~Lady driving a fucked out car yelling, "Club people, wheeeew!" at us. Which wouldn't have been as funny if her car didn't have 7 dogs in it. Which it did.
:Snows BBQ
~Free Beer Tuesdays/Free Rentals at I LOVE VIDEO
:Meeting and petting Pierre
~End of an Ear
:Finally finding a DC character I care about who's not named Batman
~My bike, which took my ass to work and back and all over Austin. I ended up selling it for more than I paid for it. That's the advantage/problem with living in a big bike town.
:Mastering the fuck out of Mario Kart Wii with Joe and his insanely huge TV. The endless joints and 40ies of Mickeys didn't hurt our Time Trials none either, y'all.
~Kens Donuts
:ECP and all the free Toddy Tasia gave me
~Swayze Fest w/Willie
:Acquiring Count Fluffula
~Seeing my first firefly and then seeing a bunch more. Fucking magical bugs
:Driving through the most insane lightning storm I've ever seen
~The Beach (and not the shitty Neil Young album)
:Being back home and making new music and new friends
:Seeing Tom and Jeannies baby girl
~Hanging out with my pops for a few days during my birthday
:Santa Monica Boogie Boarding/The Boys Are Back In Town
~Oakland Rooftop Party/Ask a Texan
:Kenny Hall Mazel Tov'ing a plastic baby Jesus
~Driving Bob Thayer to his modeling shoot and then driving solo across the Golden Gate Bridge while the sun was rising
:Settlers of Catan
~Asterios Polyp (best graphic novel of '09 and best I've ever read)

in no particular order

this year was packed with moving, looking for work, working endless hours for free, and work in general but somethings still made it bearable

-brussels sunday veggie market
-snow on christmas
-summer vacation lyon camping in porto and lisbon
-being able to ride my bike to work
-seeing [where the wild things are] with my little sister, and being reminded of the loft and cuddle puddles
-meeting new people like marta
-marching at cop15
-trains everywhere

more importantly top ten things ive missed in 2009

-the sun
-toast punx :(
-mush feasts
-house shows
-six pack tours
-making music with friends

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

top tops

-this lady at my community college giving me a free, college-level very nice basketball and me being so grateful that i almost cried. i hardly ever use it.
-not getting a catwings tattoo.
- my science fiction, creative writing, and nutrition classes all ruling. reading and learning lots of good things and getting all As.
-spending a month WWOOFing at the lotus garden meditation center and feeling really really happy even though (or because?) everyone was saying Hare Krishna 24/7
-my first day of junior college being really angry that i was in school and listening to electric wizard really loud and yelling and jumping on stuff with spencer
-setting up a confessional booth in our closet, watching other peoples posts.
-driving across CA with zach, visiting Mikey and Sean in Oakland, hanging out in Tahoo with those kids and drinking hella 30 packs, arcata
-house sitting in Oregon with michael, (unintentionally) ruining a whole freezer worth of meat, kayaking, having a hammock, walking the dogs in huge feilds of dried lava, being isolated, having michael make me nice dinner every night, reality tv shows
-my parents paying my rent
-the night when i dragged michael to a free play and it being really good, somehow him predicting that it would be "gay", leaving from there and finding this pottery studio that was open and letting people make stuff for free, them telling us to drink their whole keg and eat all their sweets, getting dakota to come, then me and matt crashing the sipology work/xmas party and me getting everyone to play ten fingers while i was really drunk and one of the only people who didnt work there. people being uncomfortable and leaving.
-The picture of dorian gray, little brother, the holy terrors, steppenwolfe and any other good books i read this year
-being nice to small animals
-forgetting half the people i knew in slo
-riding my bike sometimes/ not riding my bike enough
-lounging in my cabin

lots of other stuff i forget.


  1. Miguel’s birthday.
  2. “Who do you think you are?”
  3. Wearing dresses everyday.
  4. Having people still be surprised that I wear dresses...everyday.
  5. Smoking weed with my mom.
  6. 4/20 at Marina’s house.
  7. Unwed teenage mothers.
  8. That one time with those certain people at that one place doing that one thing.
  9. The porch.
  10. Talking about doing something, then never doing it.
  11. Actually following through on something.
  12. Getting woken up at 8am from a call from Miguel telling me he is freaking out in the rain on mushrooms, oh, and can I please come get him.
  13. Getting him, Willie, Francisco and Jenn and watching the Goonies and the Goonies Cyndi Lauper music video.
  14. John Anthony LaPorte Esquire the 479th.
  15. All the books I read this year.
  16. Last night of Buchon.

What I look forward to in 2010: France, finally marrying a millionaire, new dresses, more beer, and more good times (aww).

Monday, December 28, 2009

TOp teeNNnnz lbc style (apparently no one knows what i did there, including myself)

10. doubling my income by finding or stealing money
9. stealing a digicamera from a sleeping old guy on a boat because i thought it was his wallet
8. finding my own personal beer stash on a boat, getting drunk to the sway of the stagnant
7. knowing woody, the unofficial mayor of downtown. he spent all of the 90s in prison and is a bit crazy now. he gave me a bike, a backpack, and an ipod, which are probably the 3 things i use the most. on top of that he got me a stage hand gig at the funk fest, where i ate free hooters food backstage with the meteors and shot gunned beer with willie in the port a potties
6. being involved in nial morgan's musical happenings, whether booking or going to shows, jamming out, or being part of the live performances. this kid rules.
5. never ever being able to speak for myself and getting into messes all the time.
4. learning how to garden, getting to know eden, working with him at a 87 million dollar vineyard in newport beach. this place was crazy, man made lake, 35 car garage, you get it.
3. the 16 yr old punk kid who showed to every show and called everyone out. he paid everytime too.
2. getting my own room, breaking down the walls, throwing away my bed, obviously not knowing what to do once the door was closed.
1. smoking weed in a hearse and listening to wooden wand
2. the time i saw kyle at the hickey underworld
3. SNIX PACKS (snickers six-packs)
4. PIZZA the house dog (half pomeranian/pekinese) pure cute
5. everyone around me constantly fighting with their spouse
6. lying in an empty pool on top of signal hill with monet
7. backyard bbq at michaels parents house. hot dugs, burgers, and turtle beer. i layed out naked on a pool chair with a giant inflatable bud light football over my dick.
8. FUCKING WADE ALL DAY. actually this one sums it all up.

the only album i really got into this year was king crimson's in the court of the crimson king. im sure this was boring for most of you, it was for me when it all happened.

Club bonerz jamz

In no particular order of importance or radatude:

  • Singing in a band/ Halloween
  • Month long bike rides with my mom
  • New houses and old friends
  • Discovering that I am not completely useless artistically
  • Frankie Teardrop
  • Late nights in the woods with loud music
  • Watching the moon set with Preston and Marta
  • Losing my mind with Zach and Trevor
  • Realizing that I am not really going crazy
  • Herbal Teas and other disgusting hippy things
  • 50 pounds of chocolate
  • Finally beginning to understand how awesome music is
  • Matching tattoos/late night tattoo parties
  • The dank 420 weed smoke
  • And of course all the bike rides, hikes, dumpster dives, late night feasts, adventures and missadventures with everyone I fucking know.
2009 you melted my fucking brain, thanks alot!

Two Thousand Nine

Number One. Beginning the year with a perpetual countdown from ten.

Number Two. Not listing any new music on this list because it all sucked.

Number Three. Graduating college. It took the entire 2000's.

Number Four. After graduation, riding drunk golf carts around Cal Poly's arboretum with Willie at 5am. Then getting left at Buchon by BL because he wanted to fuck Bethany's friend. Then BL's car running out of gas on Buchon and him and friend running to my house to fuck sooner. Then BL fucking said friend both wildly and loudly as my mom and sisters were sleeping in my apartment. Being glad I was left at Buchon for all of this.

Number Five. Stealing 12 30 packs of Natural Light off a beer truck with Miguel, Trevor, Michael, and Tommy. Yeah I fucking said it on the internet.

Number Six. Both secretly and openly despising Michael.

Number Dicks. Using my dick more than I did in 2008. Watch out 2010.

Number Alf. Becoming magically allergic to cats. Thanks Stewie.

Number Z. Getting into a drunken fight with Anthony and Zeb and watching Zeb kick Anthony in the face and break his nose.


Number 420. Using a bong and vaporizer for the first times.

Number 420 x 2. xxxCxAxRxLxOxSxxx

Number 420 x Carlos. Eating hella space cakes on the way to Austin and Miguel almost killing us and nobody caring from being too stoned.

Number LA. First, Second, Third, and Fourth times going to Los Angeles.

Number AFI. Going to Ukiah for the first time.

Number Buddha. Not hanging out with Johnny.

Number Mark. Garland finally becoming less annoying.

Number Ding Dong. Being in my friend's wedding and meeting his baby daughter.

Number Dirt Dress & Tarra. A nice addition to my life.

Number F-F-F-Fuck. Becoming increasing debilitated by my speech impediment.

Number Powers. Tasha Powers getting a boyfriend and leaving me alone.

Number Puke. Finding out the co-worker I was in love with got engaged, causing me to turn really red, sweaty, and wanting to immediately throw up.

Number Toy Story. Getting Woody to finally finally hang out.

Number Yum Yum. Sidewalk Market having the daily sandwich specials.

Number M-D. Mad Dog liquor store in Austin and seeing a crowded show with people only drinking Mad Dog.

Number Gaga. Halloween!

Number Metal! Meeting and hanging out with Peter.

Number Paranoid Android. Getting stoned with Tasia and laughing at her as she freaked out.

Number Mafia Wars. Thanks Kenny :(

Number Padre. Spending a weekend with my dad and only being 90% uncomfortable.

Number Kenny Hall. I love Kenny Hall. (Also please give back my jacket and sex book. I'm sure Rosalind's had enough.)

Number Francisco. For being a dirt bag.

Number Miguel. The all-time winner.

That's my year. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

I didn't put any music. You all know what I listen to when you come over.

2009 according to emily


-that one time we played truth or dare til 6 in the morning

-my birthday

-christmas tree tattoos

-seeing mount eerie

-graduating high school

-throwing a high school party at my house when my parents went out of town

-everyone named mark slowly leaving said party when dystopia was put on

-winter formal


-strobing at da castle

-realizing how rad my dad is

-hating ireland

-christmasfuck house prom

-boofa's smokin word

-margaritaville at the razzz

-the chocolate house with park larker and harvey owen


-"jag off"

-"dear mark...... just curious"

-"gravity, i guess"

-"i'm gonna try to make it back next weekend!!! which would happen!!!!!!! so party more more hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

-"i'm not on anybody's team...but i'm definitely not on their team"

-"oh look abu, it's not everyday you see a horse with TWO rear ends."

The few, the proud:

-mount eerie


-punkin pie

-rudimentary peni

Songs of the year:

-heartbeats - the knife

-tales of lolita - floor

-teenage time killer - RP

-thunder road - every version

-everyone is a whore - hickey

-i surrender - the adverts

-get rid of that girl - the electrocutes

-i do it rite - skip race


Sunday, December 27, 2009


Sober Jams

American Football - American Football
Slowdive - Souvlaki
The Cardigans - Lovefool
Marvin Gaye
Black Sabbath - Masters of Reality
K.P. and Envyi - Shorty Swing My Way
Paul Simon - Graceland
Sibylle Baier
Justin Timberlake - Future sex/Love sound

Real Times

1. Playing cheesy cutesy music with Zach
2. Fuck it Fest 98'
3. walking around slo in my slip and brighams leather jacket, watching the sun come up and singing Patsy Cline songs by myself.
4. Breaking that toilet in Boston
5. Riding bikes to the beach.
666. Fuck it.
7. Almost getting killed in a lightening storm in Kansas City.
8. Realizing the impending doom of 42012 and coming to grips with the reality of the inevitable WEEDPOCALYPSE..
Late Nights/Early mornings in the kitchen with Micheal
10. Not being a teenager anymore/Still being as angsty as ever.

Friday, December 25, 2009

1.Not being punk enough
2.riding bikes
3. not getting in fights....wanting to
4.fuck it
7.breaking shit
8.getting fucked up...drugs for everyone
9.DIY Brain Cancer
10. Saying fuck it to everything and everyone in slo

Jumping off a cliff with a hangglider and no particular landing in mind, scoping out a strips from the air and pciking a spot to land.Marta says you can paraglide for 8 hours straight with the right conditions...probably infinitely

Last Night

Anyone who missed the Black Midnight Mass on KCPR last night definitely should be bummed. We did a gnarly mash-up consisting of a real Satanic Mass, the Space Jam soundtrack, hella grim tunes, a few beers, and a joint. The Postal Service even made an appearance, shit was wacky. At one point everything stopped working and we're pretty sure it was the doings of Anton LaVey. Without a doubt, be sure to have a very UnMerry Christmas.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Carlos' Favorites from 2009

Land Minds: Demo
AFI: Very Proud of Ya
Ovens: 44 song album
The Beach Boys: Pet Sounds
Thee Silver Mount Zion: 13 Blues for Thirteen Moons
Brain Bombs: Urge to Kill
Dry-Rot: Philistine
Ceremony: Still Nothing Moves You
Lil' Wayne: C3
This Heat: Deceit
Television Personalities: And Don't the Kids Just Love it
Billy Bao: All of it.
Drunk Driver: Fire Sale & Collaboration with Mattin

All the Skull Collector shows.
Winter Formal.
Wilder Creek shows.
Portland for a month.
Riding trains across the country alone.
All the new bands.(the one with jesse, Pain Culture, and Herse.)
Making out with Miguel.
PUNCH show.
Seeing the Ovens.
The Countless Games of spin the bottle all over this luck coast.
The Lodge.
Fighting natalye.
My new house.
Shoe moving back.(just in time.)
Wall of amps.
And most of all the UNRELENTING DOWN FOR ANYTHING attitude that comes along with this small community we've got.

Being the toast punx right here right now is going to be the best and most memorable part of my pathetic, romantic, snot nosed existence. I'm so in love!

or whatever...

End of the Decade

things i loved about austin homies
2.getting texas and count fluffula
3.working at emerald city press (i.e. rockin sweet reggae jams and smokin grass at 6 am)
4.playing at mohawk twice right near i <3 video, wheatsville, and amy's ice cream
6.trudy's migas enchiladas with queso
7.homies from CA visiting (SXSW, willie, tarra, anthony)
8.hamilton pool swimming hole
9.going to the library everyday
10.picking up new records at end of an ear
11.kicking/punching holes in the walls of both of our houses

top nicknames for our cats
tex--baby cat, texalini, tex-mex, texaco, squeak baby
count fluffula--fluffy, count puffula, fluffkin, fluffalo, count fluffulon

defining albums/jams of 2009
iggy pop - the idiot
john cale - vintage violence/paris 1919 (this was on my list last year. fuck it.)
rolling stones - exile on main st.
ty segal - lemons
elvis costello - this year's model
stone roses - stone roses
jim o'rourke - eureka
pretty things - sf sorrow
roy orbison - "leah"/"in dreams"
theme song from twin peaks
shakira - "she wolf"
roxy music - "lover"
lou reed - "satellite of love"
peter tosh - "ketchy shuby"
lil wayne - "upgrade"
david bowie - "we are the dead"
suicide - "frankie teardrop"

hilarious things said/thought by customers at the coffee shop/record store or fools in my cuesta class
1. "is that Weird Al on your button?" no, it's patti smith. "same thing."
2. "do you guys have any Beatles here?"
3. "you probably don't even know what a record looks like."
4. "do you guys have any old music on CD? I'm talkin like from the 90s."
5. "where does Don McLean fit in here?" ("here"= the greenwich village folk scene of the 1960s)
6. Grateful Dead/Pink Floyd as the biggest influences in the formation of punk rock

stoked on 2009, looking forward to 2010. i'll be 21 and done with cuesta. movin on to the next city. super cool.


Tops List 2k9


Part One
Billy Bao
Hatred Surge
The Thing (Bag It!)
Angels of Light
Charlie Feathers
Little Gold
Gone Dead Train
Abner Jay
Wooden Wand

The untouchables: Electric Light Orchestra, the Cure and Rudimentary Peni
The teenage heartthrob: TAYLOR SWIFT!!

Books (aka Science Fiction 2kForever):
Philip K. Dick
Ursula K. Le Guin
Stanislaw Lem
Harlan Ellison (thanks Tommy)
the first 30 pages of Nick Blinko's "The Haunted Head" and needing to take a long shower

North Carolina babes/Appalachian honeys
Getting a pomp
Maintaining that pomp
Realizing the 1950's were never in fashion, followed by the subsequent haircut
Smoking weed with choice babes
Going to the gym and meaning it
DIY dermabrasion (also file under: Why Tattoos Should Be Heavily Considered)
Coming out with being into BDSM to the fam (if you didn't know yet - oh hey, guess what I do on my free time...)
Growing into someone who looks less goofy with age / more goofy with trainwreck boozing
Playing RPGs with "the guys" when I'm not hurt from work, sick, or broke
Learning and enjoying true solitude and pacing myself around others
Waiting for when I fall out of blissful love with my dogs and being okay with the wait
Having my career/life goals finally gel and enjoying all that I do

You all have been great. Looking forward to next Thursday

Mark. 2009


top ten songs in a car and or on drugs (in no order)

-i walked with a zombie - roky erickson
-my rules - void
-time: the donut of the heart - j dilla
-shadows of tomorrow - madvillain
-im bored - zero boys
-memory lane - eddy current suppression ring
-i can't hang - ovens
-multicolor - yussuf jerusalem
-getting older - the clean
-dawn in the face - eat skull
-on some faraway beach - brian eno

honorable mentions
lil wayne / sun ra / daniel higgs / the hospitals / rbl possee / iggy pop


most listened to albums (in no order)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tops of 2009


Top 10 Best of the Best in 2009

1. Getting paid to set up a community garden with kids
2. Vegan Chili Cheese Fries in Chicago
3. Miguel
4. Q 104.5
5. Graduating College
6. Pissing myself consistently throughout the year,
but only in my own bed (besides that one time)

7. Eating mushrooms before sunrise on a rainy
day at the beach with Migs, Francisco, and Jenn

8. Getting saved by Alex when we were stuck in the car,
drinking coffee, drying off, and watching
The Goonies for the first time together

9. Croce's Pizza
10. Keg in a Sauna

Honorable Mentions
winter formal, fermentation, the rothko chapel, hike through the train tunnels with preston, tommy, and mary jane, mexico (twice), giving/getting stupid tattoos, getting evicted, free trip to sac and spending boofa's birthday with him, swayze fest '09 in austin (before he died!), underground city in houston and finally eating migas, the unbearable lightness of being, cleveland

Top Five Shows of 2009
(but I can't remember many from earlier in the year)

1. RVIVR / Shang-a-Lang / Underground Railroad to Candyland / The Bananas in San Francisco
2. North Park Awesome Fast
3. South by SouthDRESS
4. Halloween Show at the Lodge
5. FUN in LA when Steve Dave went through the front window

Music I Listened to Probably Way to Many Times this Year
Otis Redding
Alabaster Skeleton
Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers
Los Saicos
The Marked Men
Elvis Costello
Paul Simon
Gentleman Jesse and his Men
Thee Makeout Party

Fuck yeah, pretty good year overall. I'm stoked to see what everyone else puts in their top lists. Hopefully it's all a bunch of awesome stuff that I forgot about.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

top tens

music/shows/events.. anything
post em here:

Friday, December 18, 2009


Last night I dreamt that Tommy and I were rollerblade rivals. If anyone is wondering what I want for XmasX its a pair of blades for Tommy and I. I swear the outcome will be nothing short of X-cellent.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Broad Fest Update

-confirmed list of bands + some kind of flyer by friday
-meeting @ Boofa's on friday (around 9pm)
-some kind of flyer with list of confirmed bands by sunday
-we need at least 2 more PA's (we have 1 full one and 1 head) if you know anyone that can help us put SPEAK UP!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Broad Fest

I feel like we all may be getting a little bit unmotivated about the fest. I don't know if everyone met this past Tuesday, because I stayed in Paso with Tasia and Kenny, but I didn't hear anything about it. I think for sure we need to meet this Tuesday. We need to get a legitimate band list going so that we can get a flyer going. We need to decide on a price and start selling tickets real soon. We need to start looking for sponsors and figure out the PA situations. And I want to write something up for us to send to all the bands to let them know the details of the Fest, so they aren't surprised by anything that happens. I don't mean to make a big deal about the stuff we have to get done, but I took drugs last night and woke up this morning with a bunch of energy and motivation. WE NEED TO GET ON THIS SO THAT WE CAN MAKE BROAD FEST ROO-EL!!!


Monday, December 7, 2009

Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas Party at The Razzz

Tuesday, December 22nd!

you don't wanna miss this... guaranteed dance parties.... punx being classy... partying hard...

you must come dressed fancy as fuck! if you ain't dressed up, you might as well just go to bed.

oi oi!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I'm totally getting paid right now!

I'm posting this while I'm at work and getting paid, but I have a legitimate question for anyone that pertains to my job. The Boys and Girls Club that I work at (in Paso Robles, near Flamson Middle School) has staff and community members teach 6-week classes. We are going to start the next round of classes in about a month; I'm not sure of the exact date. I keep forgetting to ask people, but I am wondering if anyone is interested in teaching one of these classes. You would be required to teach the class once or twice a week, and it would have to be roughly from 4 to 5. Obviously, this would be volunteer work, but I think if I could get my boss excited enough about it, then I could get transportation paid (and you could eat some cookies and fruit while you're here). There a lot of cool stuff that we could do, but also a lot of things that would be impossible. We have kids from Kindergarten up to early high school age, so it doesn't have to be just for young kids. You would be required to plan out the class pretty well with a detailed lesson plan, but I could help you out with that. Basically, if you have any ideas, let me know and we can talk about it and try to work it out. Either email me you ideas at or talk to me when you see me.