Friday, December 25, 2009

1.Not being punk enough
2.riding bikes
3. not getting in fights....wanting to
4.fuck it
7.breaking shit
8.getting fucked up...drugs for everyone
9.DIY Brain Cancer
10. Saying fuck it to everything and everyone in slo

Jumping off a cliff with a hangglider and no particular landing in mind, scoping out a strips from the air and pciking a spot to land.Marta says you can paraglide for 8 hours straight with the right conditions...probably infinitely


Anonymous said...

this post sucks

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh Tommy..

Anonymous said...

I figured this had to be tommy since I could see myself saying all of the same things.

Tommy said...

Fuck that I am so punk that I eat a cereal of cone studs and broken glass for every goddamn meal.