Thursday, December 24, 2009

End of the Decade

things i loved about austin homies
2.getting texas and count fluffula
3.working at emerald city press (i.e. rockin sweet reggae jams and smokin grass at 6 am)
4.playing at mohawk twice right near i <3 video, wheatsville, and amy's ice cream
6.trudy's migas enchiladas with queso
7.homies from CA visiting (SXSW, willie, tarra, anthony)
8.hamilton pool swimming hole
9.going to the library everyday
10.picking up new records at end of an ear
11.kicking/punching holes in the walls of both of our houses

top nicknames for our cats
tex--baby cat, texalini, tex-mex, texaco, squeak baby
count fluffula--fluffy, count puffula, fluffkin, fluffalo, count fluffulon

defining albums/jams of 2009
iggy pop - the idiot
john cale - vintage violence/paris 1919 (this was on my list last year. fuck it.)
rolling stones - exile on main st.
ty segal - lemons
elvis costello - this year's model
stone roses - stone roses
jim o'rourke - eureka
pretty things - sf sorrow
roy orbison - "leah"/"in dreams"
theme song from twin peaks
shakira - "she wolf"
roxy music - "lover"
lou reed - "satellite of love"
peter tosh - "ketchy shuby"
lil wayne - "upgrade"
david bowie - "we are the dead"
suicide - "frankie teardrop"

hilarious things said/thought by customers at the coffee shop/record store or fools in my cuesta class
1. "is that Weird Al on your button?" no, it's patti smith. "same thing."
2. "do you guys have any Beatles here?"
3. "you probably don't even know what a record looks like."
4. "do you guys have any old music on CD? I'm talkin like from the 90s."
5. "where does Don McLean fit in here?" ("here"= the greenwich village folk scene of the 1960s)
6. Grateful Dead/Pink Floyd as the biggest influences in the formation of punk rock

stoked on 2009, looking forward to 2010. i'll be 21 and done with cuesta. movin on to the next city. super cool.

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