Monday, December 28, 2009

Two Thousand Nine

Number One. Beginning the year with a perpetual countdown from ten.

Number Two. Not listing any new music on this list because it all sucked.

Number Three. Graduating college. It took the entire 2000's.

Number Four. After graduation, riding drunk golf carts around Cal Poly's arboretum with Willie at 5am. Then getting left at Buchon by BL because he wanted to fuck Bethany's friend. Then BL's car running out of gas on Buchon and him and friend running to my house to fuck sooner. Then BL fucking said friend both wildly and loudly as my mom and sisters were sleeping in my apartment. Being glad I was left at Buchon for all of this.

Number Five. Stealing 12 30 packs of Natural Light off a beer truck with Miguel, Trevor, Michael, and Tommy. Yeah I fucking said it on the internet.

Number Six. Both secretly and openly despising Michael.

Number Dicks. Using my dick more than I did in 2008. Watch out 2010.

Number Alf. Becoming magically allergic to cats. Thanks Stewie.

Number Z. Getting into a drunken fight with Anthony and Zeb and watching Zeb kick Anthony in the face and break his nose.


Number 420. Using a bong and vaporizer for the first times.

Number 420 x 2. xxxCxAxRxLxOxSxxx

Number 420 x Carlos. Eating hella space cakes on the way to Austin and Miguel almost killing us and nobody caring from being too stoned.

Number LA. First, Second, Third, and Fourth times going to Los Angeles.

Number AFI. Going to Ukiah for the first time.

Number Buddha. Not hanging out with Johnny.

Number Mark. Garland finally becoming less annoying.

Number Ding Dong. Being in my friend's wedding and meeting his baby daughter.

Number Dirt Dress & Tarra. A nice addition to my life.

Number F-F-F-Fuck. Becoming increasing debilitated by my speech impediment.

Number Powers. Tasha Powers getting a boyfriend and leaving me alone.

Number Puke. Finding out the co-worker I was in love with got engaged, causing me to turn really red, sweaty, and wanting to immediately throw up.

Number Toy Story. Getting Woody to finally finally hang out.

Number Yum Yum. Sidewalk Market having the daily sandwich specials.

Number M-D. Mad Dog liquor store in Austin and seeing a crowded show with people only drinking Mad Dog.

Number Gaga. Halloween!

Number Metal! Meeting and hanging out with Peter.

Number Paranoid Android. Getting stoned with Tasia and laughing at her as she freaked out.

Number Mafia Wars. Thanks Kenny :(

Number Padre. Spending a weekend with my dad and only being 90% uncomfortable.

Number Kenny Hall. I love Kenny Hall. (Also please give back my jacket and sex book. I'm sure Rosalind's had enough.)

Number Francisco. For being a dirt bag.

Number Miguel. The all-time winner.

That's my year. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

I didn't put any music. You all know what I listen to when you come over.

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Anonymous said...

We love you, big brother. Smoke weeeeee√®√ęd!