Saturday, May 31, 2008

duh gayest of the gay.....

tonight, the gayest of the gay party!
go or die...its on monterey and something....get drunk nd rub up on some sexy

oi oi punkas wooooeee

sweat sweaty sweat dick

pump it

Friday, May 30, 2008

so many things to do on the 6th...

well i guess theres a couple of things going on this coming june 6th, so listen up and choose to partake or choose to chill harder than hard.
see you where ever!

1.Retrospect party...Graham and Jenn's senior project and friends and art and such!

2.Tragedy/Blow Back/Mohoram Atta/and more @ 924 gilman street, Berkeley CA. $8 Starts @ 7 i think.

3.Mom and Dad, Willie and Bethany are going to VEGAS!!! woohooo, casinos, arcades, and buffet's.

4.Anarchist convergiance/house show/potluck/movie showing in concord CA. @ nicole and Bryan's new home. Everyone is invited, so come and be happy with open ears and an empty tummy.

5.Skull Collector is playing in Sacremento, CA. with demeanor/empty eyes and more, @ VFW hall.

6.there's probably a house party here in slo just gotta look.

So you the judge you have fun party!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

new meeting day and time for FNB

sunday, this sunday, @ mitchell park, 2:30pm.
woopie, bring idears and your ears.

we arent not posting....

we are just posting in the future sooo it takes the computer a few days to find our posts....mhm thats it DADDDD!!!

i really like the picture of willie being up to something...i guess he was up to something though...just all stealing peoples heads or did that other guy steal his or sometheen..? man o man

your kids are out doing really bad things all the time...why arent you joining them?

aunt willma

why are people updating the main picture, but not putting new posts?
i want to know how my kids are doing.

Friday, May 23, 2008

final show

dad hasnt been home, but its not cause he's been out with the guys drinking everynight and going to nudie bars by the airport, its cause he's been finishing college
come to the reception today 3-6
its in chumash auditorium at the top of campus
my spot is 82
-dad in the 3rd person


okay soooo heres the deal, i dont know if anyone on here is down to help, but mitchell park, if it is still open for public use, will be catering to us catering to others soon enough. we have plenty of people who seem down to help us serve, let us cook in their kitchen, help clean up/set up, go to the grocery stores and ask if they would be down to donate, and then people to collect from those stores, people to organize information and lists of stores, people to dumpster..and more...we are having a meeting next friday @ mitchell park @ 2pm. Ill be sending out a mass email to all who have replied thus far in hopes they will come with ideas and willingness to spread the word and do alot.
so if your down, either let me know up NEXT friday, not tomorrow but NEXT friday @ mitchell park at 2pm. maybe bring some food and some music or something too, that would be rad.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Monday, May 19, 2008

nitan back in slo 5/23 weekend

if you never got a chance to meet the great nitan, this is your chance. bring him trophies and tons of weed

Friday, May 16, 2008

ol' gregg?


ps. why didn't milo mention mom and dad moving?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

byebye miggy and willie and brigham

you will all be greatly missed, hahaha
we all love you.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

it's been a jam!

we had a great show last night, furnace and capsule were awesome!
the birthday party was soo fucking rad, everyone seemed like they had an amazing time...the coconut booby shells, the sparkler cake, the firetruck exploding pina'ta, the loud ass good music, the sludge stompin', the brutal candy fights, it was quite a good night.
thanks to all who came out.

starting food not bombs soon, theres a myspace we are "official" meeting in a week from friday. be ready, if you wanna help.

brigham and milo are moving into the loft, willie is moving downstairs, sarah is moving out, andrew is moving out, the house is soon to have a dining room, and the mini fridge punka's are still in duh game.

we have met heather who is really cool, she lives in cayoucas and should hang out more.

Zombie capture the flag was so fun, and the show although involed the snapps and was really loud for the house to handle....was awesome too.

life on the ranch has been awesome all in all, work is nice..lungs are annoying but i love all you people.
goodnight sleep well.



Sunday, May 11, 2008

scene report 6: southeast us


the grumpies - sunday night
pine hill haints - dark time came to the hill
thou - fucking chained to the bottom of the ocean
hidden spots - streets of mercy
the future virgins -

kylesa - where the horison unfolds
hot new mexicans - watered down
carrie nations - sofa king
baroness - red sky
guyana punchline - crummy life

billy reese peters - mexico
grabass charlestons - the fucking song
he tim version - william harper andrews
radon - kibbles and bits
stressface! - big brown truck
witches with dicks - secondchance

combatwoundedveteran - completed in 3 easy steps
dukes of hillsborough - chad mcqueen
fiya - tell your children
assholeparade - armsling
shitstorm - desensitized
capsule -

no truth lies - wednesdays
the tubers - ambulate
new bruises - top shelf medicine
this bike is a pipebomb - diggin ditches/memiors

Thursday, May 8, 2008

may day..

the eight hour day is not enough; we are thinking of more and better stuff,
so here is our prayer and here is our plan,
we want what we want and we will take what we can,
down with wars both small and large,
except for the ones were we are in charge,
those are the wars of class against class,
where we get a chance to kick some ass,
for air to breathe and water to drink,
and no more poison from the kitchen sink,
for land that's green and life that's saved,
and less and less of the earth that's paved,
no more women who are less than free,
or men who cannot learn to see,
their power steals their humanity,
and makes us all less than we can be,
for teachers who learn, and students who teach,
and schools that are kept beyond the reach,
of provosts and deans and chancellors and such,
and xerox and kodak and shell, royal dutch,
an end to shops that are dark and dingy,
an end to bosses whether good or stingy,
an end to work that produces junk,
an end to junk that produces work,
and an end to all in charge-the jerks!
for all who dance and sing, loud cheers,
to the prophets of doom we send some jeers,
to our friends and lovers we give free beers,
and to all who are here, a day without fears,
so on this first day of may we all should say,
that we will either make it or break it,
or, to put this thought another way,
let's take it easy, but let's take it!


Monday, May 5, 2008

friday night zombie capture the flag extravaganzar!

this friday after the alasalakalaska/neighborhoodbrother/firefuckingeverywhere! show, we are gonna strap on some fresha flesh paint and grab our homeade flags and bolt on over to the parking structures, on foot, on scooter, by hella-copter, by bike, by duh board, or any other person powered vehicle! get there and get your flag to the top and get ready to be eaten aliVVEEE!!
it's free and fun and theres more to come.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

the 5th scene report: southwest [az, nm, tx]


shark pants - automatic pinner
french quarter - hold with fire
ultramaroon - earth dirge in him
the swing ding amigos - voltron
james fella - D888 SidesA
foot ox - carriers

shang-a-lang - friends grow up
the answer lies - the creep is on
dynamite kegs -
teh band of enchantment - zombies everywhere
10 seconds to liftoff - record

andrew jackson jihad - randy's house
high tension wires - hibernate
the riverboat gamblers - what's what
the marked men - not just another girl
the potential johns - spanish love song

the wax museums - i eat vomit
the pumpers - don't hafta go
bad sports - no rest for the wicked
maaster gaiden - with me tonight

jesus lizard - boilermaker
the hex dispensers - down in the park
party garbage - living on an island
sex advice - the practice space
the teeners - ms 45

naw dude - shark mummy
total abuse - no release
deskonocidos - no hay dios
the young - hurt each other
A.N.S. - kooks go home
insect warfare - digital target
50/50 - skate through blood
hatred surge - destiny of hate