Thursday, December 24, 2009

Carlos' Favorites from 2009

Land Minds: Demo
AFI: Very Proud of Ya
Ovens: 44 song album
The Beach Boys: Pet Sounds
Thee Silver Mount Zion: 13 Blues for Thirteen Moons
Brain Bombs: Urge to Kill
Dry-Rot: Philistine
Ceremony: Still Nothing Moves You
Lil' Wayne: C3
This Heat: Deceit
Television Personalities: And Don't the Kids Just Love it
Billy Bao: All of it.
Drunk Driver: Fire Sale & Collaboration with Mattin

All the Skull Collector shows.
Winter Formal.
Wilder Creek shows.
Portland for a month.
Riding trains across the country alone.
All the new bands.(the one with jesse, Pain Culture, and Herse.)
Making out with Miguel.
PUNCH show.
Seeing the Ovens.
The Countless Games of spin the bottle all over this luck coast.
The Lodge.
Fighting natalye.
My new house.
Shoe moving back.(just in time.)
Wall of amps.
And most of all the UNRELENTING DOWN FOR ANYTHING attitude that comes along with this small community we've got.

Being the toast punx right here right now is going to be the best and most memorable part of my pathetic, romantic, snot nosed existence. I'm so in love!

or whatever...

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