Tuesday, December 29, 2009

top tops

-this lady at my community college giving me a free, college-level very nice basketball and me being so grateful that i almost cried. i hardly ever use it.
-not getting a catwings tattoo.
- my science fiction, creative writing, and nutrition classes all ruling. reading and learning lots of good things and getting all As.
-spending a month WWOOFing at the lotus garden meditation center and feeling really really happy even though (or because?) everyone was saying Hare Krishna 24/7
-my first day of junior college being really angry that i was in school and listening to electric wizard really loud and yelling and jumping on stuff with spencer
-setting up a confessional booth in our closet, watching other peoples posts.
-driving across CA with zach, visiting Mikey and Sean in Oakland, hanging out in Tahoo with those kids and drinking hella 30 packs, arcata
-house sitting in Oregon with michael, (unintentionally) ruining a whole freezer worth of meat, kayaking, having a hammock, walking the dogs in huge feilds of dried lava, being isolated, having michael make me nice dinner every night, reality tv shows
-my parents paying my rent
-the night when i dragged michael to a free play and it being really good, somehow him predicting that it would be "gay", leaving from there and finding this pottery studio that was open and letting people make stuff for free, them telling us to drink their whole keg and eat all their sweets, getting dakota to come, then me and matt crashing the sipology work/xmas party and me getting everyone to play ten fingers while i was really drunk and one of the only people who didnt work there. people being uncomfortable and leaving.
-The picture of dorian gray, little brother, the holy terrors, steppenwolfe and any other good books i read this year
-being nice to small animals
-forgetting half the people i knew in slo
-riding my bike sometimes/ not riding my bike enough
-lounging in my cabin

lots of other stuff i forget.

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Dustin said...

i wanna read steppenwolf