Monday, December 28, 2009

TOp teeNNnnz lbc style (apparently no one knows what i did there, including myself)

10. doubling my income by finding or stealing money
9. stealing a digicamera from a sleeping old guy on a boat because i thought it was his wallet
8. finding my own personal beer stash on a boat, getting drunk to the sway of the stagnant
7. knowing woody, the unofficial mayor of downtown. he spent all of the 90s in prison and is a bit crazy now. he gave me a bike, a backpack, and an ipod, which are probably the 3 things i use the most. on top of that he got me a stage hand gig at the funk fest, where i ate free hooters food backstage with the meteors and shot gunned beer with willie in the port a potties
6. being involved in nial morgan's musical happenings, whether booking or going to shows, jamming out, or being part of the live performances. this kid rules.
5. never ever being able to speak for myself and getting into messes all the time.
4. learning how to garden, getting to know eden, working with him at a 87 million dollar vineyard in newport beach. this place was crazy, man made lake, 35 car garage, you get it.
3. the 16 yr old punk kid who showed to every show and called everyone out. he paid everytime too.
2. getting my own room, breaking down the walls, throwing away my bed, obviously not knowing what to do once the door was closed.
1. smoking weed in a hearse and listening to wooden wand
2. the time i saw kyle at the hickey underworld
3. SNIX PACKS (snickers six-packs)
4. PIZZA the house dog (half pomeranian/pekinese) pure cute
5. everyone around me constantly fighting with their spouse
6. lying in an empty pool on top of signal hill with monet
7. backyard bbq at michaels parents house. hot dugs, burgers, and turtle beer. i layed out naked on a pool chair with a giant inflatable bud light football over my dick.
8. FUCKING WADE ALL DAY. actually this one sums it all up.

the only album i really got into this year was king crimson's in the court of the crimson king. im sure this was boring for most of you, it was for me when it all happened.


Anonymous said...

Good job Zach. This is my favorite one yet.

Dustin said...

I like the one about the 16 year old punk kid.