Monday, June 30, 2008

proceeds the weedian

NAZARETH! we owned all and all were owned, bow to your great doob smokin mastuhs!
game night 08'

I'm on my way home

I'm sitting in a hotel lobby, and will be for another hour, and then its either being on planes or sitting in airports until midnight on tuesday/wednesday.

i got some shit to tell ya guys, but not CRAAAAZY stories or anything. Definitely nothing like musical chairs.

I got some stuff thats illegal in America for Friendship Fest wednesday (you can also refer to it as "The Night of a Thousand Bro-Grabs") Your only hint - vampires love it.

Kick it, commit it, shred it like a fool

~Tall Max

P.S. Big Sky is awesome

P.P.S. It's absinthe

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday 6/29 "Doin Thangs" Update

Mikey and I have been reviewing breakfast places in town for a zine we started (maybe just Dewek #2?). Today we reviewed Big Sky, which was the worst so far. If you guys have any suggestions for more places let us know. Our only requierements are at least 1 vegeterian plate, and you must be able to share a plate so that your bill is somewhat cheap (no more than $5/6 per person).

The house might be getting a dog, we are checking out the pound on Tuesday.

Rent is due soon, I will probably start collecting tomorrow. If you have checks make them out to Miguel Avila, not James Kelley anymore.

Cycloptopus on Sessions tonight @ KCPR - 8PM. Special Scene Report @ 7PM with the band playing their favorite tunes. Come drop by or tune in.

KCPR Sessions: Cycloptopus 6/29/08

Friday, June 27, 2008

so i guess there is stages for tonight

yes...stages...stages of adventurous, madness....what what what you scream..i know me too!
so many things could go wrong...but oh now the wrong-er they go the bester it shall be!!!
see you there....

i got drunk for the first time today...

I was between "fall off my bike in front of the Library" and "pee on Steve Dave"

if i wasn't in a pool during the day i would've been screwede

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

more songs with "kick it!"

SeeqPod - Playable Search

how many more can you think of?


this is the flyer that doesn't have lack of interest on it, i don't know what the deal is


P.P.S. If 625Thrash day doesn't happen at New Noise I'll cry the rest of my trip =[ =[

Hello everyone

Dear 578 Buchon St. loft residents and friends/acquaintances of the loft residents

I'd like to think you dudes (dude is a non-gendered word!) are all my friends. I like to think I'm all your friends, and you're also all each others friends. Well, I don't think we ever got down to sayin' it in such a way that we all knew it with great clarity. So, when I get back into town with a ton of fancy Greek liquor, we're gonna party down and declare our friendshipness with an exclusive, VIP, "myspace secret show" level quality party involving just us. If you've been to a game night, DIY SLO-organized show, helped DJ the new noize or are just a cool dude, you need to hang out and party down and remind ourselves that WE ARE FRIENDS, WE ARE FRIENDS TIL THE END!

I'm thinkin the day I get back this should happen, which is next wednesday. So, like, next wednesday night at around 7? TELL EVERYONE! I won't have THAT much stuff with me, but I'm bringin a good amount - I figure it'll be my gift of Greece from me to you.

~Tall Max





Monday, June 23, 2008


the sentence/picture game....

come one come all, its gonna be a hoot!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

sex/vid on tour


Friday, June 20, 2008

i love you max, tall

you are well missed, the paul baribeau show was amazing, everyone went so damn insane for n.b. and paul played like an angel and there was this damn piccolo flute playing kid...everyone was confused out of their skulls about that guy...but hope to see you back here again soon...goodnight sir montgomery

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hey everybody, I'm in Greece!

So, yeah. It's morning, and I just ate a ton of olives, cheese, and yogurt/cereal/fruit combo thingie. I think some of the olives had ham in them, but they were tasty. Tasty ham. Vedge break stomach break.

Athens is weird, because they have so much old relics from the Greek empire just hard chillin everywhere. That giant building, the AKKROPOLIS, where Plato taught - its on this giant hill, so wherever you look you see it. Their language is weird, because you go "huh huh, they're a frat language" and then they talk and you just melt cause its so cute. I think I heard Watercolor Paintings is gonna become Greek now to multiply cuteness factor through the roof.

Gonna go to a giant church on a hill called Lebatacus or something like that. Burzum will be summoned. Later on I'll be living on the side of a volcano. Virgin sacrificies will be had, including my own ..... =/

And I thought the Thou show was starting at 7:30, not 4:30. I told the band to get here at 6 to set up early...fill me in!

Mom and Dad, have fun in Portland. I'm making a goodbye card out of glitter and crayons for you two.

Everyone else - while I'm really enjoying this trip a ton, I can't wait to see you all again.


Monday, June 16, 2008

Saturday, June 14, 2008

new work schedule

NO WORK OFF FOR THE NEXT 3 WEEKS.....12 hour days....what the fuck!
sorry to all who were prepared for the FNB meeting tomorrow, i now have to cancel it...but partying for 3 weeks...or more...SICK!
damn yankees

Friday, June 13, 2008

shwat the shwuck?!!

i just finished my whole year of class and work, and i came home to party with my crew, i even brought home a t.c. for everyone to share(i would've brought more, but i didn't have a bag), but no one is fucking here! this is hella messed! i guess i'm getting shwasteredz and shlitzening to shmyspace shmusic until someshwone gets shwome. shweak!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


hahaha that picture below...holy damn fuckin heck
i love you

show tomorrow!
sarah is moving out tomorrow, NOOOO!!!! all who care come say bye to our lovely roomate with a plan to move to vt. to help the park services keep their might and fix all their flaws!

the show:
James Fella
la maison (portland/slo)
the sweat shop boys (maybe)
potluck @ 5:30pm show @ 6:00pm
be there or be a square
free free free!!!

mitchell park in downtown slo, oi oi!!
pismo and osos streets

goodnight see you there

pretty much all we can talk about on the internet:

Saturday, June 7, 2008



Thursday, June 5, 2008

new prez knux

i know we dont all share the same view on politics
but I think i should share the fact that Obama KNUXES his wife!
thats the shit he can't hide, he's down with knuxing

oh and thanks to you punks that came to my project yesterday, it was sweet

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

tonight is the first in a long ol' time..

buchon mush tonight, mmmmmm....i love you willie, be jealous, oh yes!
its been a while since this household has been graced by the presence of duh mush.


we should all be there to help next saturday, for sure...but one more thing....when shows do happen we and you and anyone you know, shall not disclose the exact location on flyers or by word of mouth, this is for the safety and long living radness of this soon to be great show-openspace. so be careful and help and appreciate it please!


Help build a summer DIY venue for SLO

There is a giant mountain near the Cuesta grade. The Thou show will be the first one held there (thanks to the help of others, especially Matt Miller.) We will be having shows there as long as the weather permits during the summer, and hopefully it makes the next few months definitely more inspired and unique.

There is one problem - the road leading to that mountain is haggard. It is only one mile, but it is one mile full of potholes. Today, Reuben, Tommy and I worked in filling some of the holes in, but obviously this will need a bigger effort.

The saturday after next (which would be the 14th of June) everybody who can help needs to help patch up that road. If we have six people it will take a good part of the day, and the more the faster we get it done. All we need to fill it in is sandbags, shovels, and some elbow grease. Sand bags are twenty five cents each at the Home Depot, and we can get enough shovels. Getting sand from the play areas at parks, while seemingly mean, takes out barely ANY sand and gives us more than enough. We filled twelve sandbags from the same spot and we didn't hit the bottom.

We need to patch that road so that touring vans and cars of the people going to the show can get there without worry of blowing out a tire or getting stranded on a hill. Its impossible to think that we could ever find a place to do shows for free without work or hassle, but this is the next best thing for us. It's a great scenic place, isolated, and as long as we take care of the place we should be able to enjoy ourselves wonderfully. If you have any interest about helping get that road in order, please post here and we'll work things out. The rough schedule is to be at Buchon house at noon on the 14th. If you want cool bands to play in SLO, you better do this - a little hard work for something we all love should be worth it!