Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I got my first filling today

Not only did the process of getting the filling suck, but i got excess numbing injections and my face feels like its melting, and i can't eat food since i have little facial response.

i'm going to floorpunch the medical world into a million pieces.

~tall max (reduced to a feeling of small inferiority due to evil science)

whoa yes

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

song from mom

i'm bored, i just want to come home and hang out in the sun with loft kids, dad, aunts and uncles

An idea to help rejuvenate family fun night

Obviously, it didn't turn out that great. BUT, there is a solution.

There is a roundabout near the train station.
Everyone rides bikes.
There is a boom box.


Monday, April 28, 2008

things coming the works

game night tonight. whoa yes!

slop fest 1
bike art show @ the dwelling/bike kitchen
house building
job gettin'
bike building
brain storming for ideas for the fest
park shows

im pumped

Sunday, April 27, 2008

the scene report 4 : socal


lamps - eliseo
no age - every artist needs a tragedy
mika miko - business cats
BARR - the song is the single
silver daggers - enter the king
pukers - hold my hand
abe vigoda - bear face

underground railroad to candyland - square ball
tiltwheel - fuck you this place was dead
toys that kill - don't take my clone
vena cava - this bike is a pipe dream
dan padilla - chaparral real
county line road - bing 'em younger

contaminators - drugs
harpoon guns - brain freeze
loser life - forget my name
killer dreamer - rapid amor
pterodacdudes - terror attack dudes

hey buddy and the pals - big growl
no paws
kevin greenspan - dollar store cashier
alabaster skeleton - head heart eyes teeth
pangea - now it's here
tea totaler - bad checks and tape decks

maladie - avancemos frente en alto
held hostage - frozen shut
charged - circle streets
catch yer breath - ah satan
rythm syndrome - no acceptance

and special shit too, willie's dulcimer class came and fucked up for like 15 minutes,

it's hot outside..

lets listen to pop punk

Thursday, April 24, 2008



Tuesday, April 22, 2008

diggy danguh wittuh whatuhhh

a new day is beckoning...people are making attempts to leave the buchon loft, people are travelling out of the small non vast town of slo and away from its shopping rascals...bands are coming through more and kitchens are a springin', words have been spoke and flung of an info. shop in duh night is hangin' on but movie and smoothie night has been crumpled, burnt and slipped under the darkest couch EVA!! new people have been coming into the booch families lives, while things have been misplaced or horribly stolen, no one knows what to do...we've talked and we are quite extactic about all these things...these days are changing my brethren...are we ready to take it on, will we keep on going with it, taking a toll on the SLO-ers of the SLO or will we leave it be...let it go it's own speed...let it nuzzle it's little bent up nose and recline....we shall discuss....iloveyou.

Identify Yourself Bitter Theif!

you stole Matt's gin, Rubens beer pong painting, our tapatio and our rice cooker.
those are all things that help our lives progress peacefully and gracefully but you stole them and our lives are just a pack of blind wild dogs falling down a rocky ridge.forever.
please, gracious home gnomes, return our stuff.

-the 578 committee


Monday, April 21, 2008


rueben's beer pong poster was stolen last friday (12/17/08) he needs it for a show. if anyone knows where it is please let one of us know. it was the poster in the kitchen above the tall chair. you can see it in this photo.

hitching to S.C.

well well well, i see that our good ol' friends, the human population didnt' help us out yet again, today...with carlos and corina some ways up the road, reuban and i, tried to get to santa cruz, with a little dancin', some old gregg! and some heavy as fuck guitar solos, we passed the hours and breathed in the resentment of scared old people, akward faces and decent advice we never took...all in all today was a winner...maybe next time we will make it further than santa rosa street...and not act like total idiots....most likely not though.


Sunday, April 20, 2008

the scene report 3: pacific northwest


sex/vid - tania
hummingbird of death - where's the fun?
kickball - sauvie island
jason clackley - politics and dreams
the pasties - bikes are sexy
jordan o' jordan - you're on the phone

iron lung - cancer
warcry - dead future
tragedy - no end in sight
cower - step out
hellshock - generals die in bed
defect defect - yeah, i'm a terrorist

autistic youth - smassh and kill
shorebirds - people i live with
neckties make me nervous - old tats and oxygen
red dons - independent
bow + arrow - harbor stories
clorox girls - flowers of evil

your heart breaks - if there is love here
the pharmacy - tropical yeti song
the trashies - in the gutter together
shook ones - order form
the flex - heart break hear beats

the microphones - the moon

next week: LA/SD

scene report 3: pacific northwest!

today at 7pm, don't forget!
stream from

Friday, April 18, 2008

steve dave turns 21

happy birthday from 578

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

the heavy doomy beauty of duh sludge beast..




I'm old Gregg!


game night: paper rock scissors tournament

carmen san diego vs. daymare

dont forget the who calls so loud (members of funeral diner) show on wednesday. bring donations for the touring band. peach colored jug smugglers are also playing this show. if you need directions or have questions call me (626) 715-6774. starts at 9:30PM @ KCPR. check out the bands here:

-uncle leon

Sunday, April 13, 2008

the scene report 2: yay area



tulsa - fun with fallout/ i reptillian
sexy - crows
triclops! - bug bomb
abi yoyos - xenophobia

zomo - scabies
e. coli - tremmel
ParasitesGo! - lame city
fischer - great escape

punch - no such thing as a stupid question
sic alps - ratroq
people eaters - nobody in nothing town
suicide dragons - silly girl/knights of teenage summer

jump off a building - sorry change for the same
the ovens - losin' touch
songs for moms - the things that you know
onion flavored rings - quantum physics
hickey - california redemption

black america - i diy you die
acne attack! - landfill days
cycloptopus - take a look
punkin' pie - frisky
jawbreaker - boxcar

electric p pee stains - scum on my shoe
special ed - sting ring
civil dysentery - midnight hankypank
dystopia - hands that mold
flat rat - after hours

they are back!

lane and sean, sean and lane, woop-D
bike ride to beach someday this week, come party hard, and help us get food to cook and stuff, mitchell park bike kitchen experiance today, crowded and much happening....but today is nose fell off today! i sneezed, kept sneezing it's gone now...come hang out

okay im gonna stop
wuh shoe bee do?

Thursday, April 10, 2008

montana-de-oro bike ride this saturday

carlos, stevedave. aaron and some other are riding byx out to montana-de-oro to camp out/ chill hard. just come over to buchon loft late morning/EARLY afternoon saturday if you wanna join.
or if you know someones number around here call them or somthing
i love you.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Down wit da clownz

Shellshag/ King brothers tonight

for free at restrospect at 5 of thee clock pm, between toms toyz and westend coffee(formerly rudolphs)
flyer/more info on this and other upsoming shows at
i love you.



last night was fantastico!
alot of people came out and everyone played, thanks to all who fucked up the drawings/sentences of others...we hope to experiance this again soon.
Max Tall had some crazy mishap with his dick and doors...and butts and all that other fun stuff, woohoo. and Willie, dont ever scare me like i dont remember again, DAMNIT!

Next Monday: GAME NIGHT with new games..?
Wednesday: movie and smoothie night @ 8:00pm...?

Who wants to ride bikes to A.G. and back to SLO saturday morning to afternoon?

Dont forget the bike kitchen this sunday. Mitchell Park.
goodnight Buchon Lofters, goodniiiiiight.


Sunday, April 6, 2008

scene report 1: slo + friends



chillazilla - pangea
fishtank - mohoot
little finger - polka dot dot dot
this must be the place - allison milham

- - get off my back
- - catch your breath
if you cant get psyched about your own stuff neither can i - charged
wearing me down - god equals genocide
hilary step - efra

tilton's song - shakey bones
bad checks and tape decks - tea totaler
oh holy broken man - to arm them
demo 08 - the neck

josephine - the attractives
ed gein - black shirts
jamaica farewell - alabaster skeleton
lovesick lycanthrope - mincing pixie
boat song - harvest moon society

treachery - vomit
witches - backbird raum
john henry - the peach colored jug smugglers
when i walk downtown - neato-bandito
the nineties - cub scout day camp

flowers remix - in spanish
something soft - agnostic prophet + adrian
in june - french quarter
heart break heart beats - the flex
hooray! hooray! - dogheart trio

love to see you - paul baribeau
live @ echo curio - your drugs my money (with sweat show boys)

Friday, April 4, 2008


god equals genoceide march 28, val verde

more soon