Monday, December 28, 2009

2009 according to emily


-that one time we played truth or dare til 6 in the morning

-my birthday

-christmas tree tattoos

-seeing mount eerie

-graduating high school

-throwing a high school party at my house when my parents went out of town

-everyone named mark slowly leaving said party when dystopia was put on

-winter formal


-strobing at da castle

-realizing how rad my dad is

-hating ireland

-christmasfuck house prom

-boofa's smokin word

-margaritaville at the razzz

-the chocolate house with park larker and harvey owen


-"jag off"

-"dear mark...... just curious"

-"gravity, i guess"

-"i'm gonna try to make it back next weekend!!! which would happen!!!!!!! so party more more hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

-"i'm not on anybody's team...but i'm definitely not on their team"

-"oh look abu, it's not everyday you see a horse with TWO rear ends."

The few, the proud:

-mount eerie


-punkin pie

-rudimentary peni

Songs of the year:

-heartbeats - the knife

-tales of lolita - floor

-teenage time killer - RP

-thunder road - every version

-everyone is a whore - hickey

-i surrender - the adverts

-get rid of that girl - the electrocutes

-i do it rite - skip race


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