Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Miracle Nutrition Hour

Listen to Hearty's last show. A spiritual entertainment show.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Another year closer to the sun

Time passes and our faces begin to melt. In new real order besides disorder.

-Going crazy in a van, driving way to much in too short of a period of time, DC, Vermont, hiking through a forest buried in snow, snow, the excitement of a friends new life, SNOW, coming back to Cali and going to Disneyland for a week all the time sporting shorts.

-Going to school for like 20 hours and making 2000 dollars

-Exploring almost every inch of this fucking town but somehow there is something new to be found almost everyday that I go and look for it. I found a bunker the other day in my old backyard the other day.

-Figuring out how that I can be a bum forever and still be able to accomplish everything that I want to do in my life.

-Having many many conversations with Preston that belong to another dimension.

-Walking across Spain for a month, 550 miles in 30 days. This can never really be explained for it must just be done.

-Meeting and living with an awesome family for a month in Spain. Any one who thinks that everyone just burns out when they get old is silly, these people do more than anyone I have ever met. Also donkeys are pretty great as well.

-Spending 2 weeks in Zurich with Brigham and Anina. I don't think that I have ever had that much fun or gotten into more awkward situations then I did those 2 weeks. Bike rides, Coffee, eating on the roof all the time, swimming in the river, the craziest storm I have ever taken part in, the alps, a huge squat in a factory, photo booths, the rain, playgrounds, creepy old men, and countless hours wondering around in the rain.

-Albania and Bulgaria so good, Cheap everything, awesome people, cool places, living on the best beach I have ever been to, Brigham and Anina, The forest, Marta, burning Soviet propaganda, drinking from mountain springs, hitch hiking, and everything else you could ever dream of.

-Finding Korca our puppy. Someone left her to die in a hole now she sleeps on the bed and loves her life. Also she looks like a wolf!

-Coming home and having a new perspective about lots of things and realizing how awesome the people I love are.

-Visiting my first real cave and realizing what the inside of my head looks like.

I have missed a lot of things I am sure mostly because I can't remember them, often though those are the best things.

This is Tommy and I don't give a fuck.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Lodge Bonkers '11


-Fuck The Cops
-White Trash Fire Pit
-Kaleb supplying 30 packs..always
-Crocodile Rock
-We lived the envious lives of Trailer Trash..and we LIVED it 100%, squashes
-Getting fired
-Tippy in Michael's shades
-Michael and I's Harley-Davidson puzzle
-Free shit
-Breaking shit
-Video Games
-"I'm never going outside again unless I have a boner"
-Piss consecutively on the back Manor's bathroom with the golden shower of death
-Hot Springin' til our butts were bleedin'
-Trevor breaking my front window on pills
-Quitting my job
-Jacob on Ambien wearing solely cowboy boots and red tighty underoos...a plate of Chicken Pot Pie and Mashed Potaters in my room dancing for me for half an hour.
-Jacob on Ambein
-Shotgunning beers/Getting high on the roof
-Microwaved Food
-Jacob's stomping through the halls in those damn shoes
-Muffie, Tippy, Frankie, Boris, Waffles, and Odie Bear
-The Lot: "The Lodge", "The Meth House", "The Cigarette Room"(Front House), and the "Uninhabitable Fortress"..oh, and the "The Shack"
-Bolthouse Vanilla Chai
-S:"Well, this is obviously a 'Boy's Club', I guess I'll just take my titties and leave"
Z: "No, you can leave those."
-Valley Girl
-Matt Miller laughing in his room by himself
-Outdoor Showers
-Seeing the "Jay & Silent Bob" Strike Back Van in the flesh
-E.T. stick 'n pokes
-Dance parties..especially kitchen ones..and Front House ones were great, too.
-Got into my first real brawl with some Asian lunatic. Handled that shit.
-Homeless Dave..."Guess she's feelin' the dready-dreads"
-Jason throwing brick at windshield of the car that sat in the lot all year long
-When the family came back to get it
-Punching Kaleb in the face 8 times in a row
-P.T. Bruisin' with 12 peeps to the Madonna Inn where the cops showed up just as I was naked, mid-air, jumping in the pool
-Throwing 10 marshmallow pastes into the street on Acid and watching them EXPLODE
-Miguel on drugs

I love our life 2011. This white trash life forever lurks in my blood. Thank you all. Don't forget.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Top 12 of 2011 by Rainbath Visual AKA Reuben Sawyer

Yo, thought id post this shit on here because i know some distant, recent and old friends will be reading and year end lists are all the rage.

12: The most recent True Widow album. People have been describing it as "slowcore" which makes me wanna puke, anyhow beautifully crafted album sounds alot like low and earth combined into one band but sludge it up a bit. Listened to this shit on the regular and i suggest it to everyone regardless of your taste.

11: BIG MAC. Down as fuck kid man, "Big Mac needs to skate, Big Mac needs to free his soul" thats all i need to say. Oh, and he has a brutal 2007 tattoo on his leg. 16 and living the teen dream!!!!!!DGAF!!!

10: Pizza. Not the food but Matt Hand's cute little Pomeranian. Hes a little chiller and loves to wear sweaters and hang out of the sun roof in sarahs car if you want photo proof hit me up!!!!

9: Horrid Red. Awesome band, bunker wolf is the shit. Luckily enough to see them live in 2011. Who cares about "post punk" really but these guys have it going on. Make sure to check out their other stuff like FWY! and Teenage Panzerkorps. For fans of proto-punk, kraut boogie wierdness, new wave or whatever with awesome german vocals.

8: My Otter ancle boots. Jacob stole these for me and they are the best shoes anyone could ever have. They are made from fucking OTTERS how awful is that!!!!????!!!

7: Walgreens "Big Flats" beer. 3 bucks and better than trader joes. Perfect crutch.

6: Mabel Mae. Best cat ever, cuter than any of your stupid cats and way more cuddly. The female version of Boris (R.I.P)

5: Cvlt Nation. Some of the most down to earth inspiring people ive had the pleasure of establishing a relationship with/working with this year. Check em out!

4: Smashing Nobunny's sparkly danelectro during 6 billion dollar sandwich set (R.I.P)

3: My scumstashe. Dont fuck with it.

2: Cody. Dude smashed a hubcap in my face cuz we were Brutin' all night.

1: Sarah fucking Branham!!!Enough T n' A to save the day!!! <33333333

Saturday, January 7, 2012

twentytwelve top ten for reals

I know that it seemed like that first one was mine, but it sure wasn't (I don't give a fuck about motorcycles). I wasn't planning on doing one of these, but I didn't want people to think that one of the best things that happened to me this year was knowing more about music than someone I'm sleeping with. By the way, this is from Willie.

10. Street Eaters, Dunguneers, and Tinsel Teeth in some house in Worcester (pronounced Woo-Ster), Massachusets. Killer bands, friends from Cali, folks making out on the dancefloor in the basement during an impromptu Smashing Pumpkins cover. West coast dominates New England. I got pulled over for speeding on the way home, but the cop let me off with a warning because I had Dirt Fort written on my knuckles.

9. Talking about jobs is stupid, but I got a sick job helping families pay for child care. Interviewing stressed out people about the fucked up shit in their lives is insane.

8. RVIVR, If not I than who then, Shea Witzo, and Rat King (not sure if anyone else played) in a barn out in the middle of nowhere in Vermont. Real, real, real good. Best set I've seen RVIVR play. West coast dominates New England again.

7. Meeting seriously rad folks; they remind me of all y'all in all the best ways, but considerably less self-destructive. In addition, meeting a really nice lady and spending a lot of time with her for a month or so before she moved away.

6. Moving out of Bonetown and into a house of accepting and nice-as-hell folks. Shit got a little messy at Jon Stamos for a while, but things are really settling in and feeling good (and we'll probably try to change the name soon).

5. Getting to show California friends around a crazy town like Brattleboro, especially watching the Strolling of the Heifers parade with Lawrence and Cecilia.

4. Playing in stupid and rad bands with roommates and friends, including: CCRR (Creedence Clearwater Revival Revival, playing messy covers of CCR songs, Ke$ha cover set on Halloween, Justin Beiber cover on his birthday, dramatic retelling of the Battle of Bennington, and more.

3. Finally growing the fuck up, and learning an instrument. I got a cheap banjo and play it all the fucking time. I try to play along with middle-aged men at an old time jam, and they let me take fucked up sounding solos sumetimes!

2. The Ski Jump!

1. Summertime in Vermont is an absolute dream! It makes all the shit that wasn't/isn't so great worth it. I can ride my bike to a swimming hole on my lunch break. If you have a car there's a few dozen amazing swimming holes within a short drive. Big Falls is amazing, but being able to just go for a swim anytime, day or night, is just amazing. There's also awesome ice cream everywhere, and everyone is in a great mood after the long, hard winter.

I'm sure I forgot some really amazing stuff, but who cares. If you want to know what's awesome about Vermont, then it only makes sense to visit.

Friday, January 6, 2012

gooses tops chou chou tens(10's)

ho! challo.

1. moving out of SLO, but missing the fudgers out of all the suckereds i love.
2. i only listen to the harsh screeching of seagulls and the many stoooopid footsteps of tourists that keep me having jobs...woohoo1
3. this person i live with. who had blonde hair, then blonde/blue, than red, now brown, now a good thing and my accomplice in the many crimes of passion and down right disgusting sewer robberies we've been pulling. love love
4. we got a dog! a 40 pounder, with big lips, flop ears and hound drool that gets all over her face and eyes. she cries often, seriously, cries, tears roll off her cheeks. she survives on hair ties, q-tips and feathers. love love
5.stopped playing stooopid songs and decided to wait to play music again till i get a drum set.
6. failed and am still failing at building a small house in our yard for multiple purposes....gave into the fact that in reality i dont have enough wood or money or skill to build it the way i wanted to. sorry zach and meghan.
7. FRIENDS are moving up here! barely met anyone here so far but am glad to have them making their way to this cold massive small gray place.
8. writing alot and not getting any better!
9. drinking more, and smoking cigars and weed, and doing more benadryl than ever before.
10. the way this place makes me feel and the way it smells and how easy it is to not have to be around anyone ever if desired.

all in all moving and making some slight changes and starting to read and taking care of myself worse than ever, being in a real good, not healthy in the beginning but getting and staying great relationship, and my mom finally getting her own apt. are the best things that have happened this year!

mers is walt towards disney met gern shorts

Sunday, January 1, 2012

SMH '011

1. Pell Grants
2. The Mad Chinamen
3. Tripper Trappers
4. "I Spent All Last Night Sucking Your Mom's Dick"
5. The Six Billion Dollar Sandwich
6. DMT
7. Des Ark / Pygmy Lush @ Biko
9. "Swing Porch"
10. The Girls