Thursday, January 31, 2008

smoothie wednesdays / blackboard raum + haul seizures

Starts next Wednesday, bring juice and fruit!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Two new ideas for Buchon betterment society plan

1) Board game night! Everyone brings board games, and records, and snax/cks, and just hang out and do board games. Ever wish that you could find some stranger to play your board games just collecting dust? Now ya can, dude!


Slay copious amounts of shit with gratuitious violence ... IN YOUR MIND. It's easy to play (think of chess but the pieces can take various forms of damage), you can act out any fantasy idea you've ever thought of, plus its just fun. If Vin Diesel can love it, so can you!

Tall Max (aka Bringer of Naked Juice, Purveyor of wolf shirts, Bane of the Small, Hannah Montana fan)

mikey is gone again

we miss him already

Smitty sent copies of If They Only Knew #3,4,5. They are in the zine library now, check em out!


Loft shopping/rain/recycle return

It was a dark and stormy day, we took the recyclables to the recycling center and got a hefty $17.08 that we almost immediately spent at Allison frontiers, we saw Tre-cool there!
We bought food and a Buchon punx liberated an apple.
before all of this we went to do our best to liberate coffee from 'the man' previously known as Uptown Espresso,now formally names 'Black Horse espresso & bakery' but our insiders weren't present to help us in our quest, though another comrade who is faithfully employed at the cafe granted us with a sweet, sweet muffin.