Friday, June 26, 2009

ruben, francisco, miguel, dustin and marina

you guys are so sweet, and you fucking really made my day. i love you guys, listening to you is really surreal

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

they took it down

but here it is again

Monday, June 15, 2009

Tonight: Keg, Beer, Driking, 21st Birthday

Sorry to not show for the continued partying for Willie's graduation. I was at school finishing my last lab report.

Tonight we are finishing off the keg. Then going out at 12am for my roommate Brandon's 21st birthday. I'm hoping to drag him to either the Z-Club or Gas Light so it should be interesting. Please come over whenever you'd like for some excellent Miller High Life, the Champagne of Beers.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bend Overall

I'm sure no one cares but i thought i would give an update. Steph and I are enjoying Oregon as much as we can. One of the first things we did was go to a lava cave. After we got about 200 feet into the cave I started freaking out. We had shitty flashlights that barely worked and when I turned around and realized I could no longer see the entrance or even my hand in front of my face I started whimpering and screaming. "AHHH ooohhh I don't like this, NO, I don't like this..." I started heading back to the entrance and as soon as I could see the daylight I just started running. Meanwhile, Stephanie was just doubled over laughing at me. OH WELL. I promised I would go back before we leave. As long as we have flashlights that work. We did a volcano hike yesterday which was pretty nice. It was basically a mile walk to the top (not much) on a paved road (not exciting). The top was pretty amazing. The view went on for miles. It was pretty much a "Top Of The World" you know, that place in every city where you take your lady and or man friend for a, "hey see, i know how to intrigue a lady/man and be romantic... so... you wanna make out?" Then we decided to just go down the side of the hill rather than walk the paved road. It was fun and I'm pretty sure we both fell a few times. After that we went to a vegetarian pot luck where we found a lot of old people, great food and a movie on "Global Dimming." Over all it was a nice meal and a good chat with a man named ALF who sat at our table with us. He offered to show us some untouched nature where he has been camping for 20 years where he has, "never seen another person" the whole time he's been going there. We had to tell him, sadly, that we were leaving in five days. THANKS ALF! The best part of the evening wasn't the food or even the 6 candy bars I acquired at the store after we left but the fact that Steph and I left half way through the film to go feed the dogs. On our way out of the community center where the pot luck was held I saw that they had a large walk in refrigerator. I decided to see if they had any ice cream but what i found was even better. Four cases of mirror pond and a case of fat tire. I took a case of Mirror Pond (made in bend oregon) and ran to the car laughing hysterically. I've been drunk since last night and am currently drinking a beer. We also caught a show at the downtown tea shop. PWRFL Power was on the bill but we decided not to stay for his performacnce (WHO WOULD?) however, there was a talented young lady named Grey Anne who sort of blew me away. I gave her the DIYSLO contact in case she wanted to play SLO. I also recorded her on my micro dictator that i found at a thrift store (also found two rolls of old film). Other than that we've just been kayaking, hanging out watching t.v. and reading books. We are both sad to be missing out on the last days of buchon and especially the scavenger hunt! But we hope everyone is well and enjoying their lives. Sorry this post was so long. We miss all of you. I hope someone has been holding up the position of awkward pot head while i've been gone. Much love.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

buchon house is fucking dead


Monday, June 8, 2009

This weekend Alleycat

So despite all thats going on this weekend this shit is goin down and its gonna be crazay...sheet gangstas if you wanna pop yo collar like a glock in a balla be a shot calla and check chiggity check yo sef befo you wreck yo self. then this sheet gonna be fly.
I need people to help run some checkpoints so let me know if your interested...also for one of the challenges at buchon im making people draw some crazy scenario so right down ideas you may have for people to have to draw at buchon.....this is gonna be a lot of fun and we are getting beer and pizza for afterwards....vegan pizzas too!! so head up a check point or race and drink eer and hang out

Saturday, June 6, 2009

so cow in-store @ boo boo's

bad scan but its 5:30pm this tuesday, come hang out

So things in switzerland are tight, the european pride week is in zurich this year and outside my window is trance city! anina accidently shaved the side of my head and this gay german guy was telling me "I know looks, and boy, that is not a look"

tommorow some friends are dressing up like cavemen and attacking this 100 year old steam locamotive that runs through the forest once a month, one must have a (fake) beard and their own weapons. were all going to act like we have never seen a train before, here is the flyer..

I hope the art show is awesome, i hope to see lots of photos online somehow! someone should take pictures of all the art too, this can be the start of the

someone send me an adress to send a letter to everyone
hope all is well,


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Rainbow Arabia

I saw this video and thought it was pretty amazing.