Saturday, January 23, 2010


waking up every day at 6:30 am in bed by 9 ....working 3 days a week snowboarding 4, either way Im at squaw by 7:30 or 8 am. We have gotten 6 feet of snow in the last week with a couple more expected by next thursday or wednesday....taking pictures, reading books, glass of wine at dinner everynight, no real drinking...big cliffs, powder, 720's, lots of me time. Tahoe has been treating me well despite how much I miss everyone in SLO. So far, I've gotten an 11 dollar paycheck, locked my keys in my car and waited in the snow for three hours to get a tow guy to get me in....luckily he didnt charge me cuz we're both cool dudes and so i got the cool dude discount, gotten the shit scared out of me most the times i snowboard, found a new best friend...(Ginger a awesome golden retriever) we go snowshoeing, its been mellow...Im trying to get off work for broad fest but its still up in the air. Drawing a little bit, writing if i can but usually the spark fades fast...brushing up on my spanish with all the chilean/argentinian co workers...met the only punk in tahoe at the health food store straight edge raw vegan of course, told me there are three punk houses in is sxe, other is all female (the hen den) and the other is psychedelic punks (idk either....hipsters maybe?) but i do have a mailing address as well.

Send me that zine Brigham!

c/o Trevor Barrick
po box 7333
Tahoe City, CA 96145-7333

Thursday, January 21, 2010

religiously zoned
needs retrofit
something like 650'000 dollars


another great comic of the year!

essex county: jeff lemire
depressing, funny, action packed, and a real great one.
worth it

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My France address!

Hey guys!
I'm leaving in a few hours, and I just wanted to say goodbye! Sorry I was a little...out of it (understatement of the year) at my going away party. I will really miss you guys and this area, and at the time I thought that getting drunk and falling down stairs with my dress over my head would make me less nervous and a little bit better about the whole situation (it did!).

Anyways, here's my France address!! Instead of my last name, make sure to put 'Greer' or I won't get the mail. There's no apartment numbers, instead, they just use the building number and put the last name of the tenants on the mailbox.

21 B r Chãteau d' Eau
18000 Bourges

The day after I get to France I'm going to Toulouse, and then I'm going to be in Spain from February 3-17, so I probably won't get a chance to talk for awhile! I love each and every one of you a million pbr tall cans and a billion pieces of toast!!!! Take care!

<3 Alex

Thursday, January 14, 2010

top tennnzzz (aka) scribbity

so nothing crazy, but here it is...yours have all been pretty crahzee
im glad we all have a wide array of shit to display. wooo

artists and guys
1.caleb klauder: ....
2.mount eerie: dawn, blacken
3.hickey: all of em
4.descendents: milo, dont wanna, fat in the dustbin: its ok to be ugly
6.neil young: re ac tor, harvest, after the, and more
7.electric prunes:..
8.miles davis: the quintet days
9.jellyroll morton:jazz classics
10.stevie wonder: looking back tape 1

top fives comics
1.welcome to the dahl house
2.essex county
3.the alcoholic
4.jimmy corrigan the smartest kid on earth
5.nothing nice to say

top fives burritos
1.tonitas...played the fuck out(slo, ca.)
2.tios...quite flavorless (slo, ca.) (pdx, or.)
4.taco ive had (west oakland, ca.)
5.random place in santa cruz...not so good (santa cruz, ca.)

top threeve card games
2.egyptian rat screw
3.theese..not cards

top 5 events
1.2 scavenger hunts
2.meeting kenny hall
3.making out with my friends
4.winter formal
and the fest...when it happens.

best weather of 2009
1.portland...cloudy and quite speratic
2.san luis obispo..way too nice
3.oakland...not nice enough for me to stay

thanks to everyone that made these past few months and this last year so great whenever i happened to be around, you are all real wonderful. lets make this year the best one anyone...anywhere will ever have, hear of or fucking wish they could have.

poop mtn.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

compensation: $300 - $2000

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Picture of Rodi?

does anybody have one? i'm going to be interviewing her on my show next monday. i want to make a post to announce it, but need to find a picture first...please

so bummed I missed the formal.


if you're on myspace

add the fest!

Broad Fest

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Goodbye SLO

So I am leaving for tahoe right after i get back from maryland....ill miss you wild and crazy kidz, but Everyone should come to the crossroads for my going away party on saturday the 9th around 8 ...bands possibly also Kegs on skateboards if some people are down to play with me. Party party party party im getting a keg! also if anyone needs a ride north on the 10th or 11th I am driving..see you all soo-oo-oon

Trevor top 10 no order

1Riding bikes
2. skateboards
3 6 pack tours
4 kegs
5 weed
6 Maryland trips
7house shows
8 busting down doors
9 feeling warm
10 eating food and being generic with my post

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sunday, January 3, 2010

ten bests or whatever in 2009 (in no order)

matt miller

albums most listened to:

1. DEER TICK-war elephant
2. DUTCHESS AND THE DUKE- shes the dutchess he's the duke
3. BLACK MILK - Tronic
4. GRIEVES- 2 albums -88 keys and couning- Irreversible
12. ALKALINE TRIO- goddamnit
5. MADVILLAIN-madvillainy
6. FIRE ON FIRE- the orchard
7. SHOREBIRDS - s/t 7"
8. WIPERS- 2 albums- is this real- Over the edge
10. KINKS- Something else by the kinks
11. THE REPLACEMENTS- 2 albums- let it be - tim


LOSER LIFE - friends with a demon.
seriously this shit is GREAT punk. with a unique sound and recording.

another great hardcore album that is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa a a ay ay OVERLOOKED

cool things that happened in 2009

1. both stephen stienbrink shows and him covering little mascera (one in july and one in sept?)
2. knocking over caguama towers at buchon
3. getting up early to get free grand slams at dennys
4. getting up early to get free pancakes at ihop and drinking stolen shots of makers mark.
5. hanging out with Honduran and Tecate (the beer). talking about anything and everything from grizzly bear attacks to the free masons on a downtown roof top.
6. playing pool at stephanie's house.
7. fucking with alicia before i went to the store to get food for dinner. I got her to spell out bunches 6 or 7 times to me and convinced her I didnt know what a bunch was.
8. fun playing in reubans room.
9. booking shows and meeting new people how ever awkward it may be.
10. having the Blocked out seven in and cower cdr completed.

2010... whatever, two more years and the world ends.