Sunday, February 28, 2010

how was IT!

i really just wanna know, how was the ovens show?

p a r t y p u p p i e s

Saturday, February 20, 2010

dustin i love you

Tahoe is amazing I got your postcard, Today I did a switch frontside 540 to a backside 720 to a nose press and it couldnt be any better. Next year ill kill it twice as hard and hopefully get some free shit...I moved into a nerw house rent is super cheap only 250$ a month, I found out about the place from a hitchhiker and it is awesome! Come visit if you can, my house is getting torn down after i move out so we can punch holes in the walls and do whatever we want..wooohooooo

if anyone wants to play a show in tahoe let me know.


Sunday, February 14, 2010


Hey guys.

I just wanted to tell you that I'm now friends with the punx of Bourges, France.

It took awhile to earn their respect, but after they saw my toast tattoo, and after I explained it's meaning, they decided to like me, at least, as much as they can like an American. (Their words.) They are completely bat shit insane, but they love Skull Collector, so they can't be all that bad right? We're all going to go see Islands, Mt. Eerie, and hopefully, Thee Silver Mt. Zion together in Paris in the next couple months. Definitely excited about that.

Miss everyone. Hope Broadfest was 'hella tite' or whatever.

Love, Alex

Buchon Is Fucking Dead

So I went to the Buchon dance party, and I was the last one to leave. The cops were trying to arrest me and said I had been falling down and was insanely drunk. I told them I was intoxicated, but I wasn't that drunk. I had not fallen down and wanted to walk home. They had to ask the current tenants it I should be arrested. Luckily, I wasn't worthy of arresting and they let me go. Fuck those fucking guys. I want to go destroy their house next weekend. The cops kept saying were you officially invited and that I was trespassing. Fuck everyone on Buchon Street but me!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


so, i was gonna write this in a comment to mikey's post, then i thought, what the heck. a little spamming didn't hurt anyone. proceeding:

smitty's moving to sweden?! that's crazy stuff! thanks for the email, will get to him
i'm friends will steven on facebook (oh facebook), so i follow his stuff. i really want to hear his new music. i hate to admit but i downloaded his last record from waffles. the good news is, he's on waffles! i love neil young too. now he needs to do some paul simon covers, and he would have come full circle. can you tell him to do paul simon covers? i'll make 40 coozies in return.
i am down with the hanging out, please do it more and as much as you can, as it is good for the heart. doctors orders
i hope you get really good at skating and do lots of ollies (haha, only skate term i know)
all the missing, is the same as usual. still miss you all a lot.
thanks for the response and the loveliness, mikey, very much

getting back to you mom and dad

hey family!
this is mikey, first of all here is smittys email. He is in concord, california right now, but he is moving to sweden in the beginning of summer to go to school, and he also says he is going to fall in love and talk to really tall blonde swedish ladies....hmm hmm. but he would probably be wayyy into telling you all about his trip and such. so hopefully that helps. anyway, it is really awesome to hear from you! and tell lawrence i say fuck yes! about him winning, i knew he had it in him. the fest is nearing and there is stress, and cramming, and cancelling, and art and music and dancing and yelling and reunions and lots of great and releiving things on the horizon, and i know we all cant wait for it to get here.
stephen steinbrink is doing a few neil young covers!!!! i dont know if ya'll like neil young at all, but it is gonna be great i think. the days here have been warm and lots of h a n g i n g out has been going down. stevedave, carlos, matt miller and shoe and i are all starting to skate again, so wish us some non broken bones.
well yea i hope you guys live through your cold dreary winter (jealous), and come and hangout soon. there is alot of missing you too going on quite frequently.
love you
stay pork!
-milo (mikey)
goodluck on your trip...also jealous.

yoooooo, dude bro

hi kids, this is mom. how are you, dad and i are fine.
it's crazy winter here, and it's been cold and snow for weeks now. the sun is finally coming back out, so maybe the country will come out of winter depression soon.
i hope you all know, lawr has been winning competitions left and right, you should congratulate dad :)
we are planning a eastern european trip. it might include poland, slovakia, hungary, romania, bulgaria, turkey, serbia, slovania. i am pretty excited about it right now, i haven't been to any of these countries, not even close, and i think it's a different world and will be totally amazing. but we'll see if we make it.

anyway, in all the planning, we thought about smitty. where is he? is he in poland still? we would like to ask for tips on totally awesome places in poland. give me his email!

really loved the griz podcast, have been singing runaway since then, and playing it on the ukulele. i wish i was around for lawr's sword fight with the dude bro, cause it's probably the funniest story that i have ever heard.

i hope broad fest is cool, also wish we could be there for that. good luck!

oh yeah, happy chinese new year! it's the year of the tiger.

and happy valentines day. i love you all.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Kenny Hall 21!

Happy Birthday Kenny!

I was wondering if anybody knew if people are going to the Gaslight tonight at midnight. Or if you guys decide to go, that someone can state that on here. I have no other medium of communication to him.

Woo hooo Kenny!

Oh yeah this is Dustin.

Monday, February 8, 2010

what i learned in school today...

today i learned that buchon was what the Spanish called an Indian chief they met while traveling up CA to establish the missions and it means... drum roll please....

mmmmm yummy

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Guinness, pasta and the Vatican

Hey guys! Just wanted to give you an update on what's going on with me...

I missed my flight to Spain because the trains were closed for the day due to a holiday. I still don't know why February 3rd would be a holiday...but I guess that's just France being France.

Instead, I'm going to Ireland on the 23rd for several days and then a couple weeks later I'm going to Rome. That's right, Vatican City, here I come.

Well guys, it's about 8 PM right now which means it's time to go out to eat.

Sad to be missing Broadfest...but I will definitely drink some wine in your honor that day.

Love, Alex

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Griz Tank

hey, brendan from griznar got some sick portable recorder and put together a podcast sort of thing of drunk people talking at parties and drunk griz kids playing music. it's pretty entertaining and only 20 minutes long, so check it out. download it/hear it here.

some highlights: twerks songs, matt <3 telling the story of lawrence touching dicks with bros (getting many details incorrect), ryan calling daryl a nazi