Thursday, December 24, 2009

Tops List 2k9


Part One
Billy Bao
Hatred Surge
The Thing (Bag It!)
Angels of Light
Charlie Feathers
Little Gold
Gone Dead Train
Abner Jay
Wooden Wand

The untouchables: Electric Light Orchestra, the Cure and Rudimentary Peni
The teenage heartthrob: TAYLOR SWIFT!!

Books (aka Science Fiction 2kForever):
Philip K. Dick
Ursula K. Le Guin
Stanislaw Lem
Harlan Ellison (thanks Tommy)
the first 30 pages of Nick Blinko's "The Haunted Head" and needing to take a long shower

North Carolina babes/Appalachian honeys
Getting a pomp
Maintaining that pomp
Realizing the 1950's were never in fashion, followed by the subsequent haircut
Smoking weed with choice babes
Going to the gym and meaning it
DIY dermabrasion (also file under: Why Tattoos Should Be Heavily Considered)
Coming out with being into BDSM to the fam (if you didn't know yet - oh hey, guess what I do on my free time...)
Growing into someone who looks less goofy with age / more goofy with trainwreck boozing
Playing RPGs with "the guys" when I'm not hurt from work, sick, or broke
Learning and enjoying true solitude and pacing myself around others
Waiting for when I fall out of blissful love with my dogs and being okay with the wait
Having my career/life goals finally gel and enjoying all that I do

You all have been great. Looking forward to next Thursday


willie said...

i like how you didn't post your name, then it makes it kind of a mystery, and then we have to know each other well enough to guess who posted it. i wish i hadn't posted my name now. i'm think this one is tall max though.

Anonymous said...

definitely tall max.

miguel said...

no, i think its MAAAAARK

Dustin said...

Too easy. I knew it was Max from the first music list.