Wednesday, December 31, 2008

exy bike punk gentleman (san luis obispo)

i saw you riding your bike in downtown slo you have some sort of clown haircut with maybe a dread or two. you were riding a yellow and purple bike. you look sort of hippyish but i wouldnt mind setting aside my worldly aspirations to spend every night in a deep romantic haze with you and every morning waking up to the sweet aroma of your body odor.

i saw you riding near emerson park, and you might have turned onto buchon street, but i couldnt quite catch up to you because in my clumsy lust driven chase i broke a heel and let my beautiful dirty lovemuffin slip through my fragile little fingers.

i must find you, and i hope that at some point in your what-seems-to-be carefree life you find this, my message in a bottle, because ill never stop searching for you and ill never settle for another person as long as i roam this planet.

Some crazy clown haired kid is getting some, oi!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Palestinian officials say 10 people died in the latest attacks, taking the death toll to over 360 since Saturday. Four Israelis have died in rocket fire.

I'm sure the numbers are a little off, but still theres insane mass murder going on to get back at petty fighting.
360+ to 4 and they are still bombing, I'd say gangs in LA kill more than that every week, does that mean its ok to have fighter jets bomb south central? You know, to make the gangs stop killing, that's it! Solved the gang problem in america, just bomb all densely inhabited cities.

WTF is going in Gaza? I guess leveling civilian areas in Gaza with F-16s is kind of a fair fight against a few guys with rocket launchers and bad aim. I'm sure bombing Hamas and the Palestinians will make them want to stop fighting. Sounds like US war/peace strategies, we all know how efficient that is.

Fucking shit, we teach 4 year olds more logic than that.

google Gaza or hamas or israel

Sunday, December 28, 2008

scavenger hunt two thousand and H8

Get ready to shred! Be ready to go at 11:30, 578 Buchon! Be ready for 24 hours of who knows what the hell! Bring everything you need to get fucking rad!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

just to let you know

lawrence and i will be getting to slo sometime tomorrow. i'll be staying, but he'll keep going to thousand oaks.

and just to let you know, lawrence totally threw up after partying on his birthday!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

pre-fest pictures

i think most of you saw these already. doozers pub / jacksonville fl 2008

*photo credit tony


more fucking snow!

well, i woke up again today, and it's all snowy. it's definitely not as charming as it was the first time. so instead of ride alex's bike, i'm going to have to take the bus to visit my uncle today while lawrence is at work and alex is at school. i'm also going to go check out a bunch of vegan grocery stores/bakeries/restaurants before i meet with him.
last night lawrence and i went to the movies, which was way more awesome than it sounds. in portland, movies are hella cheap($3) and there's a bar in the theater! we got drunk and watched burn after reading. that movie would've probably sucked had we not been wasted.
i forgot to bring the cord to my camera, so i can't post any photos yet. i guess i'll just wait until i get home, and then post them all at once or something. most of the pictures are boring anyway.
as far as the plan goes now, i won't be back in the loft until christmas. oh shit! i was wondering if anyone was spending christmas at the house, because i'm pretty sure daryl and i are going to be spending the night there on christmas eve. we should have some sort of satanic party or something.


Monday, December 15, 2008



Saturday, Jan 31st.
@ 924 Gilman st.
8pm / $???

-Thorns of Life ( blake schwarzenbach of jawbreaker/jets to brazil + aaron cometbus)
-Hunx & His Punx
-The Re-Volts
-Off With Their Heads


someone pick these up!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

what the fuck!?

it's hella snowing here in portland and it's cold as shit. i thought my toes were going to fall off the other day while we were riding bikes and i was just outside and thought my nose was going to freeze. shit's cold.
right now it's just lawrence, alex, and me hanging out. cecilia left this morning on a flight to lax where she'll stay for 10 hours before her next flight to zurich, so then she can catch her flight to stockholm.
today we are going to be working on screen printing more la maison shirts and sewing the tape cases that we screen printed last night. then i'm going to try and convince lawrence to drink FORTY'S OF PABST with me. don't worry, i'm going to smuggle some over the border on our way back down south because these were made for loft kids.
lawrence and his sister will be dropping me off in slo on the 22nd, i think.
so see you soon,

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

the motherfucking dream team!

1992 Dream Team roster

maybe too organized for buchon?

there's a webbased community started by an economy prof in the uk, that wants to change the economy from money-based to community-based. But nevermind that, in that community you can share skills, land, and tools with people in your community. Doesn't it sound nice? It makes me want to sit on the porch in warm slo weather helping some old lady make tablecloths, not cold rainy portland.
WILLIE, bring some sun when you come ok?

rainbath on wooster

in case you missed it, here it is

unrealistic? yeah right!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Saturday, December 6, 2008

the vapours?


hey were making tapes and shirts soon, anyone who wants a sweet la maison shirt, with our new pattern on it, send a shirt up with willie or aunt willma, whoever you find first

Thursday, December 4, 2008

package and fly out

We got the PACKAGE! thank you Willie and everyone who dropped a note in, we listened to the tape during dinner, it was punktastic, I feel like we haven't seen anyone in forever, things have been crazy, we've both been doing lots of interning at great places, lots of bike riding, house shows, and the goodwill binz here iz insane.
We are moving again, not cause we don't like it, cause we love it here, but there's no jobs, and I got a fancy internship in Brussels, and Cecilia had to fly back anyways. We're pretty excited, I fly out christmas eve, and cecilia on th 14th of dec, soo soon. We'll only get to see Willie before we leave , but I'm sure we'll all meet up soon enough, we miss you so much, and talk about the loft almost everyday. We live at Alex's house here, its nice but no mush feasts or six pack tours or brklyn edge break, or beer tasting.
Alex and I are finally putting out a La Maison tape thanks to Phillip and oms-b, I'll make sure to mail a few your way.
We'll mail you a letter from Brussels cause I think were jam packed before then.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008