Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2000 Nein

In somewhat chronological order:

~Our rad house in Austin which was made ultra rad during SXSW
:Hamilton Pool
~Goofballs w/Scott
:Pool parties @ Naomi and Annas but not Brad Neeley
~Life altering games of COD
:Playing at Mohawk and sounding good enough to keep the bartenders from doing their job
~Seeing that crazy Mexican guy from the Tarantino movies standing on the corner of 6th and Congress looking super thugged out
~Lady driving a fucked out car yelling, "Club people, wheeeew!" at us. Which wouldn't have been as funny if her car didn't have 7 dogs in it. Which it did.
:Snows BBQ
~Free Beer Tuesdays/Free Rentals at I LOVE VIDEO
:Meeting and petting Pierre
~End of an Ear
:Finally finding a DC character I care about who's not named Batman
~My bike, which took my ass to work and back and all over Austin. I ended up selling it for more than I paid for it. That's the advantage/problem with living in a big bike town.
:Mastering the fuck out of Mario Kart Wii with Joe and his insanely huge TV. The endless joints and 40ies of Mickeys didn't hurt our Time Trials none either, y'all.
~Kens Donuts
:ECP and all the free Toddy Tasia gave me
~Swayze Fest w/Willie
:Acquiring Count Fluffula
~Seeing my first firefly and then seeing a bunch more. Fucking magical bugs
:Driving through the most insane lightning storm I've ever seen
~The Beach (and not the shitty Neil Young album)
:Being back home and making new music and new friends
:Seeing Tom and Jeannies baby girl
~Hanging out with my pops for a few days during my birthday
:Santa Monica Boogie Boarding/The Boys Are Back In Town
~Oakland Rooftop Party/Ask a Texan
:Kenny Hall Mazel Tov'ing a plastic baby Jesus
~Driving Bob Thayer to his modeling shoot and then driving solo across the Golden Gate Bridge while the sun was rising
:Settlers of Catan
~Asterios Polyp (best graphic novel of '09 and best I've ever read)

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