Friday, May 30, 2008

so many things to do on the 6th...

well i guess theres a couple of things going on this coming june 6th, so listen up and choose to partake or choose to chill harder than hard.
see you where ever!

1.Retrospect party...Graham and Jenn's senior project and friends and art and such!

2.Tragedy/Blow Back/Mohoram Atta/and more @ 924 gilman street, Berkeley CA. $8 Starts @ 7 i think.

3.Mom and Dad, Willie and Bethany are going to VEGAS!!! woohooo, casinos, arcades, and buffet's.

4.Anarchist convergiance/house show/potluck/movie showing in concord CA. @ nicole and Bryan's new home. Everyone is invited, so come and be happy with open ears and an empty tummy.

5.Skull Collector is playing in Sacremento, CA. with demeanor/empty eyes and more, @ VFW hall.

6.there's probably a house party here in slo just gotta look.

So you the judge you have fun party!

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