Sunday, May 4, 2008

the 5th scene report: southwest [az, nm, tx]


shark pants - automatic pinner
french quarter - hold with fire
ultramaroon - earth dirge in him
the swing ding amigos - voltron
james fella - D888 SidesA
foot ox - carriers

shang-a-lang - friends grow up
the answer lies - the creep is on
dynamite kegs -
teh band of enchantment - zombies everywhere
10 seconds to liftoff - record

andrew jackson jihad - randy's house
high tension wires - hibernate
the riverboat gamblers - what's what
the marked men - not just another girl
the potential johns - spanish love song

the wax museums - i eat vomit
the pumpers - don't hafta go
bad sports - no rest for the wicked
maaster gaiden - with me tonight

jesus lizard - boilermaker
the hex dispensers - down in the park
party garbage - living on an island
sex advice - the practice space
the teeners - ms 45

naw dude - shark mummy
total abuse - no release
deskonocidos - no hay dios
the young - hurt each other
A.N.S. - kooks go home
insect warfare - digital target
50/50 - skate through blood
hatred surge - destiny of hate

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