Friday, May 23, 2008


okay soooo heres the deal, i dont know if anyone on here is down to help, but mitchell park, if it is still open for public use, will be catering to us catering to others soon enough. we have plenty of people who seem down to help us serve, let us cook in their kitchen, help clean up/set up, go to the grocery stores and ask if they would be down to donate, and then people to collect from those stores, people to organize information and lists of stores, people to dumpster..and more...we are having a meeting next friday @ mitchell park @ 2pm. Ill be sending out a mass email to all who have replied thus far in hopes they will come with ideas and willingness to spread the word and do alot.
so if your down, either let me know up NEXT friday, not tomorrow but NEXT friday @ mitchell park at 2pm. maybe bring some food and some music or something too, that would be rad.

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