Tuesday, May 13, 2008

it's been a jam!

we had a great show last night, furnace and capsule were awesome!
the birthday party was soo fucking rad, everyone seemed like they had an amazing time...the coconut booby shells, the sparkler cake, the firetruck exploding pina'ta, the loud ass good music, the sludge stompin', the brutal candy fights, it was quite a good night.
thanks to all who came out.

starting food not bombs soon, theres a myspace now...so we are "official" meeting in a week from friday. be ready, if you wanna help.

brigham and milo are moving into the loft, willie is moving downstairs, sarah is moving out, andrew is moving out, the house is soon to have a dining room, and the mini fridge punka's are still in duh game.

we have met heather who is really cool, she lives in cayoucas and should hang out more.

Zombie capture the flag was so fun, and the show although involed the snapps and was really loud for the house to handle....was awesome too.

life on the ranch has been awesome all in all, work is nice..lungs are annoying but i love all you people.
goodnight sleep well.



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