Thursday, May 8, 2008

may day..

the eight hour day is not enough; we are thinking of more and better stuff,
so here is our prayer and here is our plan,
we want what we want and we will take what we can,
down with wars both small and large,
except for the ones were we are in charge,
those are the wars of class against class,
where we get a chance to kick some ass,
for air to breathe and water to drink,
and no more poison from the kitchen sink,
for land that's green and life that's saved,
and less and less of the earth that's paved,
no more women who are less than free,
or men who cannot learn to see,
their power steals their humanity,
and makes us all less than we can be,
for teachers who learn, and students who teach,
and schools that are kept beyond the reach,
of provosts and deans and chancellors and such,
and xerox and kodak and shell, royal dutch,
an end to shops that are dark and dingy,
an end to bosses whether good or stingy,
an end to work that produces junk,
an end to junk that produces work,
and an end to all in charge-the jerks!
for all who dance and sing, loud cheers,
to the prophets of doom we send some jeers,
to our friends and lovers we give free beers,
and to all who are here, a day without fears,
so on this first day of may we all should say,
that we will either make it or break it,
or, to put this thought another way,
let's take it easy, but let's take it!


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Anonymous said...

if we don't do more awesome zombie shit soon, i'm gonna die from withdrawals