Sunday, May 11, 2008

scene report 6: southeast us


the grumpies - sunday night
pine hill haints - dark time came to the hill
thou - fucking chained to the bottom of the ocean
hidden spots - streets of mercy
the future virgins -

kylesa - where the horison unfolds
hot new mexicans - watered down
carrie nations - sofa king
baroness - red sky
guyana punchline - crummy life

billy reese peters - mexico
grabass charlestons - the fucking song
he tim version - william harper andrews
radon - kibbles and bits
stressface! - big brown truck
witches with dicks - secondchance

combatwoundedveteran - completed in 3 easy steps
dukes of hillsborough - chad mcqueen
fiya - tell your children
assholeparade - armsling
shitstorm - desensitized
capsule -

no truth lies - wednesdays
the tubers - ambulate
new bruises - top shelf medicine
this bike is a pipebomb - diggin ditches/memiors

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