Tuesday, April 22, 2008

diggy danguh wittuh whatuhhh

a new day is beckoning...people are making attempts to leave the buchon loft, people are travelling out of the small non vast town of slo and away from its shopping rascals...bands are coming through more and more...bike kitchens are a springin', words have been spoke and flung of an info. shop in duh works...game night is hangin' on but movie and smoothie night has been crumpled, burnt and slipped under the darkest couch EVA!! new people have been coming into the booch families lives, while things have been misplaced or horribly stolen, no one knows what to do...we've talked and we are quite extactic about all these things...these days are changing my brethren...are we ready to take it on, will we keep on going with it, taking a toll on the SLO-ers of the SLO or will we leave it be...let it go it's own speed...let it nuzzle it's little bent up nose and recline....we shall discuss....iloveyou.

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