Sunday, April 6, 2008

scene report 1: slo + friends



chillazilla - pangea
fishtank - mohoot
little finger - polka dot dot dot
this must be the place - allison milham

- - get off my back
- - catch your breath
if you cant get psyched about your own stuff neither can i - charged
wearing me down - god equals genocide
hilary step - efra

tilton's song - shakey bones
bad checks and tape decks - tea totaler
oh holy broken man - to arm them
demo 08 - the neck

josephine - the attractives
ed gein - black shirts
jamaica farewell - alabaster skeleton
lovesick lycanthrope - mincing pixie
boat song - harvest moon society

treachery - vomit
witches - backbird raum
john henry - the peach colored jug smugglers
when i walk downtown - neato-bandito
the nineties - cub scout day camp

flowers remix - in spanish
something soft - agnostic prophet + adrian
in june - french quarter
heart break heart beats - the flex
hooray! hooray! - dogheart trio

love to see you - paul baribeau
live @ echo curio - your drugs my money (with sweat show boys)

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