Sunday, April 13, 2008

the scene report 2: yay area



tulsa - fun with fallout/ i reptillian
sexy - crows
triclops! - bug bomb
abi yoyos - xenophobia

zomo - scabies
e. coli - tremmel
ParasitesGo! - lame city
fischer - great escape

punch - no such thing as a stupid question
sic alps - ratroq
people eaters - nobody in nothing town
suicide dragons - silly girl/knights of teenage summer

jump off a building - sorry change for the same
the ovens - losin' touch
songs for moms - the things that you know
onion flavored rings - quantum physics
hickey - california redemption

black america - i diy you die
acne attack! - landfill days
cycloptopus - take a look
punkin' pie - frisky
jawbreaker - boxcar

electric p pee stains - scum on my shoe
special ed - sting ring
civil dysentery - midnight hankypank
dystopia - hands that mold
flat rat - after hours

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