Sunday, April 27, 2008

the scene report 4 : socal


lamps - eliseo
no age - every artist needs a tragedy
mika miko - business cats
BARR - the song is the single
silver daggers - enter the king
pukers - hold my hand
abe vigoda - bear face

underground railroad to candyland - square ball
tiltwheel - fuck you this place was dead
toys that kill - don't take my clone
vena cava - this bike is a pipe dream
dan padilla - chaparral real
county line road - bing 'em younger

contaminators - drugs
harpoon guns - brain freeze
loser life - forget my name
killer dreamer - rapid amor
pterodacdudes - terror attack dudes

hey buddy and the pals - big growl
no paws
kevin greenspan - dollar store cashier
alabaster skeleton - head heart eyes teeth
pangea - now it's here
tea totaler - bad checks and tape decks

maladie - avancemos frente en alto
held hostage - frozen shut
charged - circle streets
catch yer breath - ah satan
rythm syndrome - no acceptance

and special shit too, willie's dulcimer class came and fucked up for like 15 minutes,

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