Sunday, April 20, 2008

the scene report 3: pacific northwest


sex/vid - tania
hummingbird of death - where's the fun?
kickball - sauvie island
jason clackley - politics and dreams
the pasties - bikes are sexy
jordan o' jordan - you're on the phone

iron lung - cancer
warcry - dead future
tragedy - no end in sight
cower - step out
hellshock - generals die in bed
defect defect - yeah, i'm a terrorist

autistic youth - smassh and kill
shorebirds - people i live with
neckties make me nervous - old tats and oxygen
red dons - independent
bow + arrow - harbor stories
clorox girls - flowers of evil

your heart breaks - if there is love here
the pharmacy - tropical yeti song
the trashies - in the gutter together
shook ones - order form
the flex - heart break hear beats

the microphones - the moon

next week: LA/SD

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