Thursday, February 11, 2010

getting back to you mom and dad

hey family!
this is mikey, first of all here is smittys email. He is in concord, california right now, but he is moving to sweden in the beginning of summer to go to school, and he also says he is going to fall in love and talk to really tall blonde swedish ladies....hmm hmm. but he would probably be wayyy into telling you all about his trip and such. so hopefully that helps. anyway, it is really awesome to hear from you! and tell lawrence i say fuck yes! about him winning, i knew he had it in him. the fest is nearing and there is stress, and cramming, and cancelling, and art and music and dancing and yelling and reunions and lots of great and releiving things on the horizon, and i know we all cant wait for it to get here.
stephen steinbrink is doing a few neil young covers!!!! i dont know if ya'll like neil young at all, but it is gonna be great i think. the days here have been warm and lots of h a n g i n g out has been going down. stevedave, carlos, matt miller and shoe and i are all starting to skate again, so wish us some non broken bones.
well yea i hope you guys live through your cold dreary winter (jealous), and come and hangout soon. there is alot of missing you too going on quite frequently.
love you
stay pork!
-milo (mikey)
goodluck on your trip...also jealous.

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