Thursday, February 11, 2010

yoooooo, dude bro

hi kids, this is mom. how are you, dad and i are fine.
it's crazy winter here, and it's been cold and snow for weeks now. the sun is finally coming back out, so maybe the country will come out of winter depression soon.
i hope you all know, lawr has been winning competitions left and right, you should congratulate dad :)
we are planning a eastern european trip. it might include poland, slovakia, hungary, romania, bulgaria, turkey, serbia, slovania. i am pretty excited about it right now, i haven't been to any of these countries, not even close, and i think it's a different world and will be totally amazing. but we'll see if we make it.

anyway, in all the planning, we thought about smitty. where is he? is he in poland still? we would like to ask for tips on totally awesome places in poland. give me his email!

really loved the griz podcast, have been singing runaway since then, and playing it on the ukulele. i wish i was around for lawr's sword fight with the dude bro, cause it's probably the funniest story that i have ever heard.

i hope broad fest is cool, also wish we could be there for that. good luck!

oh yeah, happy chinese new year! it's the year of the tiger.

and happy valentines day. i love you all.

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