Thursday, February 11, 2010


so, i was gonna write this in a comment to mikey's post, then i thought, what the heck. a little spamming didn't hurt anyone. proceeding:

smitty's moving to sweden?! that's crazy stuff! thanks for the email, will get to him
i'm friends will steven on facebook (oh facebook), so i follow his stuff. i really want to hear his new music. i hate to admit but i downloaded his last record from waffles. the good news is, he's on waffles! i love neil young too. now he needs to do some paul simon covers, and he would have come full circle. can you tell him to do paul simon covers? i'll make 40 coozies in return.
i am down with the hanging out, please do it more and as much as you can, as it is good for the heart. doctors orders
i hope you get really good at skating and do lots of ollies (haha, only skate term i know)
all the missing, is the same as usual. still miss you all a lot.
thanks for the response and the loveliness, mikey, very much

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