Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Griz Tank

hey, brendan from griznar got some sick portable recorder and put together a podcast sort of thing of drunk people talking at parties and drunk griz kids playing music. it's pretty entertaining and only 20 minutes long, so check it out. download it/hear it here.

some highlights: twerks songs, matt <3 telling the story of lawrence touching dicks with bros (getting many details incorrect), ryan calling daryl a nazi



stephanie said...

i was there for the telling of that swordfighting story once in santa clarita. what a good story

nitan said...

hahaha, Lawrence of Arabia, why didn't i ever think of that.

I remember it was a Halloween party (i was Mr. Rogers) and Lawrence and the Bro were arguing who was tougher. Like right up next to each other like they were gonna fight. The Bro actually at one time said "I'm in the Army I kill people" and Lawrence kept yealling "Dont ask don't tell" hahaha. Then Lawrence said something like "I don't give a fuck I'll pull my dick out right now!" and the Bro said "I pull MY dick out." And then Lawrence did and everyone was like OHHHHH so the bro got all into competition mode and followed suit.

It was some of the funniest shit ive ever seen. Two guys about to fight and end up shaking their dicks in front of eachother. hahahhaha.

Then Miguel very intentionally threw over some bros beer pong table while they were playing. And more shit talking ensued and somehow Willie ended up getting choked in a pile.

I remember before all this shit happened me and Lawrence were hella hitting on bros, trying to hold their arms and saying "its okay, its allright"

It was quite a gay evening.

Moral of the Story: Dicks!!

Dustin said...

i thought i had outlived this moment...

it was a kcpr dress up themed trainee party in october. miguel and lawrence (and apparently nitan) were instigating the bros by acting like queers, mocking them, and tossing there beer pong cups over. until it got out of hand and sean sex got shoved on the ground. little sam tried to save sean and somehow got punched in the face. "i'm in the army i kill people" guy was the one who did it so i tackled him and starting punching him in the face. a fucking vegan versus bros riot erupted for maybe 20 minutes in the backyard as everyone else at the party seemed totally oblivious to the dust cloud. the cops came into the backyard as i was threatening army bro while holding a brick. johnny hill was sexually aroused by my fighting and the whole surreal event. lawrence still wanted to mock them. dee dee ramone came back to that house later and took a bottle of rum. kenny took pills and later puked all over my front porch. brandon ate 3000 calories at taco bell. it was quite a night.

Dustin said...

i do remember seeing willie getting choked and i remember punching that guy too. the only other time i've been in a fight was also at a kcpr party when someone messed with a bros beer pong cup.

moral of the story: fucking beer pong!

lawrence-olivier said...

the real scare was when bro number 2 jumped willie , and he had just gotten staples in his head, luckily Sam kicked some ass
nitan! remember also handing out gum, and then after telling them it was acid, then bro number 3 was really pissed

nitan said...

Lawrence!! yes, i do remember the acid gum. I hope you're doing well wherever you're living these days.