Sunday, January 3, 2010

ten bests or whatever in 2009 (in no order)

matt miller

albums most listened to:

1. DEER TICK-war elephant
2. DUTCHESS AND THE DUKE- shes the dutchess he's the duke
3. BLACK MILK - Tronic
4. GRIEVES- 2 albums -88 keys and couning- Irreversible
12. ALKALINE TRIO- goddamnit
5. MADVILLAIN-madvillainy
6. FIRE ON FIRE- the orchard
7. SHOREBIRDS - s/t 7"
8. WIPERS- 2 albums- is this real- Over the edge
10. KINKS- Something else by the kinks
11. THE REPLACEMENTS- 2 albums- let it be - tim


LOSER LIFE - friends with a demon.
seriously this shit is GREAT punk. with a unique sound and recording.

another great hardcore album that is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa a a ay ay OVERLOOKED

cool things that happened in 2009

1. both stephen stienbrink shows and him covering little mascera (one in july and one in sept?)
2. knocking over caguama towers at buchon
3. getting up early to get free grand slams at dennys
4. getting up early to get free pancakes at ihop and drinking stolen shots of makers mark.
5. hanging out with Honduran and Tecate (the beer). talking about anything and everything from grizzly bear attacks to the free masons on a downtown roof top.
6. playing pool at stephanie's house.
7. fucking with alicia before i went to the store to get food for dinner. I got her to spell out bunches 6 or 7 times to me and convinced her I didnt know what a bunch was.
8. fun playing in reubans room.
9. booking shows and meeting new people how ever awkward it may be.
10. having the Blocked out seven in and cower cdr completed.

2010... whatever, two more years and the world ends.


Anonymous said...

That lasted a good 10 minutes. Ten minutes of fucking stupid death sludge in the brain. And I was trying so hard to not be a complete fucking asshole to you for not knowing what a bunch was.

Dustin said...

I'm glad you're listening to the Kinks. That is a good album. Did you ever get to listen to the ones I recommended to you? Arthur and also Village Green.