Thursday, January 14, 2010

top tennnzzz (aka) scribbity

so nothing crazy, but here it is...yours have all been pretty crahzee
im glad we all have a wide array of shit to display. wooo

artists and guys
1.caleb klauder: ....
2.mount eerie: dawn, blacken
3.hickey: all of em
4.descendents: milo, dont wanna, fat in the dustbin: its ok to be ugly
6.neil young: re ac tor, harvest, after the, and more
7.electric prunes:..
8.miles davis: the quintet days
9.jellyroll morton:jazz classics
10.stevie wonder: looking back tape 1

top fives comics
1.welcome to the dahl house
2.essex county
3.the alcoholic
4.jimmy corrigan the smartest kid on earth
5.nothing nice to say

top fives burritos
1.tonitas...played the fuck out(slo, ca.)
2.tios...quite flavorless (slo, ca.) (pdx, or.)
4.taco ive had (west oakland, ca.)
5.random place in santa cruz...not so good (santa cruz, ca.)

top threeve card games
2.egyptian rat screw
3.theese..not cards

top 5 events
1.2 scavenger hunts
2.meeting kenny hall
3.making out with my friends
4.winter formal
and the fest...when it happens.

best weather of 2009
1.portland...cloudy and quite speratic
2.san luis obispo..way too nice
3.oakland...not nice enough for me to stay

thanks to everyone that made these past few months and this last year so great whenever i happened to be around, you are all real wonderful. lets make this year the best one anyone...anywhere will ever have, hear of or fucking wish they could have.

poop mtn.


Anonymous said...

I saw an ad the other night on Sundance or one of those "arty/indie" cable chanels about a show either by or featuring Ken Dahl. So you should look into that. Also, I'm personally stoked that you got into the Electric Prunes this year. what songs/albums did you listen to? I've got most of them if you ever want some.

Trevor said...

snowboard down poop mountain on a hot dog