Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Palestinian officials say 10 people died in the latest attacks, taking the death toll to over 360 since Saturday. Four Israelis have died in rocket fire.

I'm sure the numbers are a little off, but still theres insane mass murder going on to get back at petty fighting.
360+ to 4 and they are still bombing, I'd say gangs in LA kill more than that every week, does that mean its ok to have fighter jets bomb south central? You know, to make the gangs stop killing, that's it! Solved the gang problem in america, just bomb all densely inhabited cities.

WTF is going in Gaza? I guess leveling civilian areas in Gaza with F-16s is kind of a fair fight against a few guys with rocket launchers and bad aim. I'm sure bombing Hamas and the Palestinians will make them want to stop fighting. Sounds like US war/peace strategies, we all know how efficient that is.

Fucking shit, we teach 4 year olds more logic than that.

google Gaza or hamas or israel

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