Wednesday, December 31, 2008

exy bike punk gentleman (san luis obispo)

i saw you riding your bike in downtown slo you have some sort of clown haircut with maybe a dread or two. you were riding a yellow and purple bike. you look sort of hippyish but i wouldnt mind setting aside my worldly aspirations to spend every night in a deep romantic haze with you and every morning waking up to the sweet aroma of your body odor.

i saw you riding near emerson park, and you might have turned onto buchon street, but i couldnt quite catch up to you because in my clumsy lust driven chase i broke a heel and let my beautiful dirty lovemuffin slip through my fragile little fingers.

i must find you, and i hope that at some point in your what-seems-to-be carefree life you find this, my message in a bottle, because ill never stop searching for you and ill never settle for another person as long as i roam this planet.

Some crazy clown haired kid is getting some, oi!

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