Thursday, December 4, 2008

package and fly out

We got the PACKAGE! thank you Willie and everyone who dropped a note in, we listened to the tape during dinner, it was punktastic, I feel like we haven't seen anyone in forever, things have been crazy, we've both been doing lots of interning at great places, lots of bike riding, house shows, and the goodwill binz here iz insane.
We are moving again, not cause we don't like it, cause we love it here, but there's no jobs, and I got a fancy internship in Brussels, and Cecilia had to fly back anyways. We're pretty excited, I fly out christmas eve, and cecilia on th 14th of dec, soo soon. We'll only get to see Willie before we leave , but I'm sure we'll all meet up soon enough, we miss you so much, and talk about the loft almost everyday. We live at Alex's house here, its nice but no mush feasts or six pack tours or brklyn edge break, or beer tasting.
Alex and I are finally putting out a La Maison tape thanks to Phillip and oms-b, I'll make sure to mail a few your way.
We'll mail you a letter from Brussels cause I think were jam packed before then.