Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hello everyone

Dear 578 Buchon St. loft residents and friends/acquaintances of the loft residents

I'd like to think you dudes (dude is a non-gendered word!) are all my friends. I like to think I'm all your friends, and you're also all each others friends. Well, I don't think we ever got down to sayin' it in such a way that we all knew it with great clarity. So, when I get back into town with a ton of fancy Greek liquor, we're gonna party down and declare our friendshipness with an exclusive, VIP, "myspace secret show" level quality party involving just us. If you've been to a game night, DIY SLO-organized show, helped DJ the new noize or are just a cool dude, you need to hang out and party down and remind ourselves that WE ARE FRIENDS, WE ARE FRIENDS TIL THE END!

I'm thinkin the day I get back this should happen, which is next wednesday. So, like, next wednesday night at around 7? TELL EVERYONE! I won't have THAT much stuff with me, but I'm bringin a good amount - I figure it'll be my gift of Greece from me to you.

~Tall Max


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aunt wilma said...

i'm so down