Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday 6/29 "Doin Thangs" Update

Mikey and I have been reviewing breakfast places in town for a zine we started (maybe just Dewek #2?). Today we reviewed Big Sky, which was the worst so far. If you guys have any suggestions for more places let us know. Our only requierements are at least 1 vegeterian plate, and you must be able to share a plate so that your bill is somewhat cheap (no more than $5/6 per person).

The house might be getting a dog, we are checking out the pound on Tuesday.

Rent is due soon, I will probably start collecting tomorrow. If you have checks make them out to Miguel Avila, not James Kelley anymore.

Cycloptopus on Sessions tonight @ KCPR - 8PM. Special Scene Report @ 7PM with the band playing their favorite tunes. Come drop by or tune in.

KCPR Sessions: Cycloptopus 6/29/08

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