Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hey everybody, I'm in Greece!

So, yeah. It's morning, and I just ate a ton of olives, cheese, and yogurt/cereal/fruit combo thingie. I think some of the olives had ham in them, but they were tasty. Tasty ham. Vedge break stomach break.

Athens is weird, because they have so much old relics from the Greek empire just hard chillin everywhere. That giant building, the AKKROPOLIS, where Plato taught - its on this giant hill, so wherever you look you see it. Their language is weird, because you go "huh huh, they're a frat language" and then they talk and you just melt cause its so cute. I think I heard Watercolor Paintings is gonna become Greek now to multiply cuteness factor through the roof.

Gonna go to a giant church on a hill called Lebatacus or something like that. Burzum will be summoned. Later on I'll be living on the side of a volcano. Virgin sacrificies will be had, including my own ..... =/

And I thought the Thou show was starting at 7:30, not 4:30. I told the band to get here at 6 to set up early...fill me in!

Mom and Dad, have fun in Portland. I'm making a goodbye card out of glitter and crayons for you two.

Everyone else - while I'm really enjoying this trip a ton, I can't wait to see you all again.


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