Saturday, January 7, 2012

twentytwelve top ten for reals

I know that it seemed like that first one was mine, but it sure wasn't (I don't give a fuck about motorcycles). I wasn't planning on doing one of these, but I didn't want people to think that one of the best things that happened to me this year was knowing more about music than someone I'm sleeping with. By the way, this is from Willie.

10. Street Eaters, Dunguneers, and Tinsel Teeth in some house in Worcester (pronounced Woo-Ster), Massachusets. Killer bands, friends from Cali, folks making out on the dancefloor in the basement during an impromptu Smashing Pumpkins cover. West coast dominates New England. I got pulled over for speeding on the way home, but the cop let me off with a warning because I had Dirt Fort written on my knuckles.

9. Talking about jobs is stupid, but I got a sick job helping families pay for child care. Interviewing stressed out people about the fucked up shit in their lives is insane.

8. RVIVR, If not I than who then, Shea Witzo, and Rat King (not sure if anyone else played) in a barn out in the middle of nowhere in Vermont. Real, real, real good. Best set I've seen RVIVR play. West coast dominates New England again.

7. Meeting seriously rad folks; they remind me of all y'all in all the best ways, but considerably less self-destructive. In addition, meeting a really nice lady and spending a lot of time with her for a month or so before she moved away.

6. Moving out of Bonetown and into a house of accepting and nice-as-hell folks. Shit got a little messy at Jon Stamos for a while, but things are really settling in and feeling good (and we'll probably try to change the name soon).

5. Getting to show California friends around a crazy town like Brattleboro, especially watching the Strolling of the Heifers parade with Lawrence and Cecilia.

4. Playing in stupid and rad bands with roommates and friends, including: CCRR (Creedence Clearwater Revival Revival, playing messy covers of CCR songs, Ke$ha cover set on Halloween, Justin Beiber cover on his birthday, dramatic retelling of the Battle of Bennington, and more.

3. Finally growing the fuck up, and learning an instrument. I got a cheap banjo and play it all the fucking time. I try to play along with middle-aged men at an old time jam, and they let me take fucked up sounding solos sumetimes!

2. The Ski Jump!

1. Summertime in Vermont is an absolute dream! It makes all the shit that wasn't/isn't so great worth it. I can ride my bike to a swimming hole on my lunch break. If you have a car there's a few dozen amazing swimming holes within a short drive. Big Falls is amazing, but being able to just go for a swim anytime, day or night, is just amazing. There's also awesome ice cream everywhere, and everyone is in a great mood after the long, hard winter.

I'm sure I forgot some really amazing stuff, but who cares. If you want to know what's awesome about Vermont, then it only makes sense to visit.

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