Monday, January 9, 2012

Lodge Bonkers '11


-Fuck The Cops
-White Trash Fire Pit
-Kaleb supplying 30 packs..always
-Crocodile Rock
-We lived the envious lives of Trailer Trash..and we LIVED it 100%, squashes
-Getting fired
-Tippy in Michael's shades
-Michael and I's Harley-Davidson puzzle
-Free shit
-Breaking shit
-Video Games
-"I'm never going outside again unless I have a boner"
-Piss consecutively on the back Manor's bathroom with the golden shower of death
-Hot Springin' til our butts were bleedin'
-Trevor breaking my front window on pills
-Quitting my job
-Jacob on Ambien wearing solely cowboy boots and red tighty underoos...a plate of Chicken Pot Pie and Mashed Potaters in my room dancing for me for half an hour.
-Jacob on Ambein
-Shotgunning beers/Getting high on the roof
-Microwaved Food
-Jacob's stomping through the halls in those damn shoes
-Muffie, Tippy, Frankie, Boris, Waffles, and Odie Bear
-The Lot: "The Lodge", "The Meth House", "The Cigarette Room"(Front House), and the "Uninhabitable Fortress"..oh, and the "The Shack"
-Bolthouse Vanilla Chai
-S:"Well, this is obviously a 'Boy's Club', I guess I'll just take my titties and leave"
Z: "No, you can leave those."
-Valley Girl
-Matt Miller laughing in his room by himself
-Outdoor Showers
-Seeing the "Jay & Silent Bob" Strike Back Van in the flesh
-E.T. stick 'n pokes
-Dance parties..especially kitchen ones..and Front House ones were great, too.
-Got into my first real brawl with some Asian lunatic. Handled that shit.
-Homeless Dave..."Guess she's feelin' the dready-dreads"
-Jason throwing brick at windshield of the car that sat in the lot all year long
-When the family came back to get it
-Punching Kaleb in the face 8 times in a row
-P.T. Bruisin' with 12 peeps to the Madonna Inn where the cops showed up just as I was naked, mid-air, jumping in the pool
-Throwing 10 marshmallow pastes into the street on Acid and watching them EXPLODE
-Miguel on drugs

I love our life 2011. This white trash life forever lurks in my blood. Thank you all. Don't forget.