Friday, January 6, 2012

gooses tops chou chou tens(10's)

ho! challo.

1. moving out of SLO, but missing the fudgers out of all the suckereds i love.
2. i only listen to the harsh screeching of seagulls and the many stoooopid footsteps of tourists that keep me having jobs...woohoo1
3. this person i live with. who had blonde hair, then blonde/blue, than red, now brown, now a good thing and my accomplice in the many crimes of passion and down right disgusting sewer robberies we've been pulling. love love
4. we got a dog! a 40 pounder, with big lips, flop ears and hound drool that gets all over her face and eyes. she cries often, seriously, cries, tears roll off her cheeks. she survives on hair ties, q-tips and feathers. love love
5.stopped playing stooopid songs and decided to wait to play music again till i get a drum set.
6. failed and am still failing at building a small house in our yard for multiple purposes....gave into the fact that in reality i dont have enough wood or money or skill to build it the way i wanted to. sorry zach and meghan.
7. FRIENDS are moving up here! barely met anyone here so far but am glad to have them making their way to this cold massive small gray place.
8. writing alot and not getting any better!
9. drinking more, and smoking cigars and weed, and doing more benadryl than ever before.
10. the way this place makes me feel and the way it smells and how easy it is to not have to be around anyone ever if desired.

all in all moving and making some slight changes and starting to read and taking care of myself worse than ever, being in a real good, not healthy in the beginning but getting and staying great relationship, and my mom finally getting her own apt. are the best things that have happened this year!

mers is walt towards disney met gern shorts

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