Monday, January 26, 2009

Milos top ten from 2008 and such...

top ten albums, not all are from wit it!
1.des ark:battle of the beards eerie:lost wisdom
4.the bananas:new animals moses:sandstorms
6.iron lung:sexless/nosex
7.paul baribeau:grand ledge
8.frenchquarter:self titled
9.shorebirds:gonna get ugly
10.dystopia:self titled

top six shows, oawwwww
1.knuxxx fest1
2.revivr(santa cruz) eerie(santa cruz) moses/golden ghost(santa cruz)
5.walls(san francisco)

top 5 places to eat
3.follow your heart wraps(co-op)
4.voodoo donuts(pdx)
5.india kart(pdx)

theres probably alot of really random shit i could write about...but these are the most relevant and possibly interesting i could come up with...up the punx!

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