Monday, January 26, 2009

Chaos in Tejas

Hey fuckers, windy said we could put our top tenz on here, and I know everyone is checking this thing every second
To see when we put ours up. So here we go, Black Shirts top 10 of 200-wasticate:

Top Albums
(probably you guys missed out on these cuz they weren't released on cassette)
Deerhunter- Microcastle
Nick Cave - dig Lazarus dig
Ruby Suns - sea lion
Portishead - third
Kassin+2 - futurismo
Abe vigoda - skeletons
Black angels - directions...
Fleet foxes
King Kahn and the shrines - this is
Breeders - mountain battles

Top songs
"bear face" abe vigoda
"teen creeps" no age
"a milli" lil Wayne
"womanizer" britney spears
"bossy" black shirts

Top Discoveries
1) Monopolowa vodka. It's super cheap and made from potatoes, so it doesn't give you a gnarly hangover!
2) "the preacher" comic series. Holy effing ess,eff me in the ayyyyy. So good. So wicked and filthy.
3) john came - "fear" and "vintage violence"
4) alice Coltrane and pharaoh sanders - voyage to whatever it's called
5) red honeymoon. Nick cave, roland s Howard,Tracy pew, and lydia lunch--together, forever
6) Greek gods honey-flavored yogurt
7) whole foods!!!
8) learning to say "y'all"
9) learning to type on an iPod touch, as we no longer have a computer due to negligence in the "kitten-rearing" dept.


Dustin said...

Argh I knew I forgot bands. I was trying to make a mental list all year to remember my top and I forgot the Breeders. I'm glad you overcame your haste from the beginning of the year and didn't put the The Kills or Stephen Malkmus. Emotional Trash actually grew on me a lot, but The Kills album didn't last that long in the longevity department except for the last song.

miguel avila said...

i miss you guys!