Saturday, January 24, 2009

Dustin's Best of 2008

Best Albums 2008
(In reverse, inverted order)

1. Vampire Weekend - Vampire Weekend
2. King Khan & The Shrines - The Supreme Genius Of
3. Crystal Stilts - Crystal Stilts
4. Walkmen - You & Me
The Black Trifecta:
5. Black Angels - Directions To See A Ghost
6. Black Keys - Attack & Release
7. Black Shirts - Abra-Cadabra Mother Fuckers EP
8. Rodriguez - Cold Fact (Reissue, but new to me)
9. Magnetic Fields - Distortions
10. Bill Dixon - With Exploding Star Orchestra
11. Nobunny - Love Visions
12. Diamanda Galas - Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!
13. Eddie Bo - In The Pocket With Eddie Bo!
14. Sam Cooke - One Night Stand: Same Cooke Live At The Harlem Square (Reissue of a reissue)

Albums I have not heard enough of but will likely make best of 2008 in 2009:
-David Byrne & Brian Eno - Everything That Happens Will Happen Today
-Vivian Girls - Vivian Girls

Best Discoveries 2008
-Mas Rock 'n Roll (Electro Harmonix) Latin garage/punk! Listen to anything on this label. Best compilation I've heard in years.
-Los Siacos
-Los Holys
-Elizabeth Cotton - Shake Sugaree
-The Sonics
-Bo Diddley - Bo Diddley Is A Gunslinger (I listened to this every time I worked in the Jazz room for like two months)

Best Shows 2008
1. Sleepy Sun
2. Black Shirts, Mika Miko, No Age, Miguel crowd surfing
3. The Weeds
4. Black Shirts @ Zeb's: Debut of the kitty mask
5. Nobunny
I know I know but I didn't leave this forsaken town once last year.

Best Excuses To Avoid Having Dinner With Tasha Powers After Work 2008

(I actually used every one of these)

1. I don't like hanging out with people
2. I'm really tired
3. I have to run to Urban Outfitter for some paperwork
4. I have food at home that's about to go bad
5. I'm too hungry to wait for you to cook food. I'm going to Tonitas
6. I'm a loner, I don't hang out with people very often
Here's the best, I used these four in a row after walking home with her after work:
7. TP: What are you doing? You should just come over and I'll make dinner.
7. Me: I'm not hungry.
7. TP: Well we should play music together.
7. Me: I don't play in front of people, I'm not very good.
7. TP: Come on it's just me.
7. Me: Look I have lot's of paperwork to do at home.
7. TP: Well having a glass of wine really quick will relax you before all that stresful work.
7. Me: I don't feel like drinking.

Best Ways To Ruin A Party 2007-Present

1. Fight bros for 20 minutes with bricks, have cops called (w/loft @ Elijah's)
2. Climb onto neighbors tool shed, have cops called (w/ Carl @ Nevon's)
3. Stand at door and tell people they aren't invited inside (w/ Black Shirts @ Dwayne's)
5. Introduce yourself to people you don't know and steal their alcohol from their hands when you go to shake it. Don't give it back and drink it all. After cleaning out party promptly leave. (w/ Caleb Nichols @ Graham's aka Franciso's new house)
7. Make fun of everyone and tell people you're the music director to scare the shit out of trainees (every trainee party)
9. Storm into party dj'd with ipod. Put on Black Flag. Mosh off the couch and walls until everyone stops dancing and goes home. (w/ Garland @ KCPR Stephanie's)
9. Destroy the party donkey and steal/break Monet prints (w/ Francisco @ Obama's)
10. Find KCPR Stephanie dressed like Miss Teen American Apparel and "thizzing" out of her mind. Attempt to make out with her. Listen to everybody say per usual "no one can touch her she's too fucked up to know any better. That would be taken advantage of her." Think to myself she's like this every single day anyways, she just wants it really bad. Procede to take her to the bathroom and have sex with her in the butt anyways. Cum on her face. Fulfill my duty for the "up the butt" party theme. Go outside and boo all the dj's until Franciso goes on. Dance to Arabian Prince's - "Situation Hot" Get banned from all KCPR related events. (At trainee party tonight in about three hours! YES)

Here's to 2009


JEN said...


willie said...

2 of those fucking parties were in '09! that's some bullshit top 10!

Anonymous said...

he used the time machine at one of boofa's parties to go forward in time

Dustin said...

Willie the ruin party post said 2007-Present. We were the only ones they tried to kick out of the trainee party. The loft is slacking.

Caleb said...

now everyone knows my secret!!!!

i'll never be invited to a party again...

Hanan said...

haha Caleb that list was really really bad. which probably equates to success, right?

btw, you double linked from grand lake's blog.