Sunday, January 8, 2012

Top 12 of 2011 by Rainbath Visual AKA Reuben Sawyer

Yo, thought id post this shit on here because i know some distant, recent and old friends will be reading and year end lists are all the rage.

12: The most recent True Widow album. People have been describing it as "slowcore" which makes me wanna puke, anyhow beautifully crafted album sounds alot like low and earth combined into one band but sludge it up a bit. Listened to this shit on the regular and i suggest it to everyone regardless of your taste.

11: BIG MAC. Down as fuck kid man, "Big Mac needs to skate, Big Mac needs to free his soul" thats all i need to say. Oh, and he has a brutal 2007 tattoo on his leg. 16 and living the teen dream!!!!!!DGAF!!!

10: Pizza. Not the food but Matt Hand's cute little Pomeranian. Hes a little chiller and loves to wear sweaters and hang out of the sun roof in sarahs car if you want photo proof hit me up!!!!

9: Horrid Red. Awesome band, bunker wolf is the shit. Luckily enough to see them live in 2011. Who cares about "post punk" really but these guys have it going on. Make sure to check out their other stuff like FWY! and Teenage Panzerkorps. For fans of proto-punk, kraut boogie wierdness, new wave or whatever with awesome german vocals.

8: My Otter ancle boots. Jacob stole these for me and they are the best shoes anyone could ever have. They are made from fucking OTTERS how awful is that!!!!????!!!

7: Walgreens "Big Flats" beer. 3 bucks and better than trader joes. Perfect crutch.

6: Mabel Mae. Best cat ever, cuter than any of your stupid cats and way more cuddly. The female version of Boris (R.I.P)

5: Cvlt Nation. Some of the most down to earth inspiring people ive had the pleasure of establishing a relationship with/working with this year. Check em out!

4: Smashing Nobunny's sparkly danelectro during 6 billion dollar sandwich set (R.I.P)

3: My scumstashe. Dont fuck with it.

2: Cody. Dude smashed a hubcap in my face cuz we were Brutin' all night.

1: Sarah fucking Branham!!!Enough T n' A to save the day!!! <33333333


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