Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Travel Photos

We're in Jean's hometown of Farmington now. It's a suburb outside of Detroit, well known for being the hometown of ICP. Surprisingly we haven't seen very many Juggalos; I think I see more in Atascadero when I'm on the bus. Her parents also live less than a block from the famed 8 Mile Road. There's much history in this neighborhood. Most of these pictures are from Vermont though. The town that Ivy lives in is called Wells. Tomorrow we're dropping William off at the bus station in Detroit and Jean and I are continuing to northern Michigan to chill at her family's house in a town called Northport for a week. Soon after that we'll be in Chicago, then Wisconsin, and Minnesota.

This is on Ivy's property, this is a fire pit that she built.

Ivy's family own a small dock on a small lake a short walk from their house. They had a two-person kayak, a one-person kayak, and a big canoe. The lake is infested with some crazy plant whose name I forget, and then there's also an herbicide that get's dumped in the water to get rid of the plant. We still swam all over, duh.

This is Ivy, William, and Parker in the canoe.

There was a place to park the boats and climb up to the road to jump into the water. We saw some little kid do some pretty awesome flips, but we were all too scared. This is Ivy's friend Kip, Parker, Jean, and Ivy all jumping together.

I found this in the little cemetery in Wells while on a bike ride. I don't understand why the angel has liberty spikes.

Jean gave me a sick tattoo our last night in Vermont. It the sun, wearing shades, with its mouth wide open and a splash like a cannonball coming out of it. I gave her one of the sun, wearing shades, barfing out a brutal waterfall. Both tattoos have hidden 666's.

Ivy got "ROT" in her armpit. She said it hurt pretty bad. She was also really high.

This is William asleep in the back of the van. I think he was stoked after we dropped Parker off because he finally got to stretch out.

This is at a carnival we went to in Farmington, surprisingly there were no Juggalos there.

It was a pretty exciting carnival.

I don't know how to explain this. They put kids in the balls, and fill the balls up with air?

We eat tons of baklava in Farmington. It's tight.


Anonymous said...

you seem to be having a real summery time, swimming looks like a blast. keep taking pictures!

Tommy said...

So it wasn't a dark carnival I take?

Anonymous said...

keep posting ! ! !

Biba Pickles said...

No Faygo

lawrence-olivier said...


Anonymous said...

8 mile road?? i'm so into that. i hope you know there's a huge 8 mile poster hanging in your room.
looks like you guys are having fun!